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Different Spiritual Connections We Have In Our Lives

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by Jennifer Foster,
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

A spiritual connection is being connected to something greater than yourself. This could mean being connected to the divine, or just feeling drawn to something that you really love and care about.

Though these bonds can stem from the same innate need for deeper meaning, each connection is different in its own right. Understanding them is something that can benefit all of us in tangible and important ways.

5 Types Of Spiritual Connections We Encounter In Life

As individuals embark upon their respective spiritual paths, most end up finding a sense of connection and meaning from the same sources.

Let’s take a look at some of the main types of bonds we may encounter, and how they shape our approaches to life and its many challenges:

:: Loved Ones

For many people, the spiritual connection they share with their loved ones gives them the strength they need to weather hardships and challenges in life. Whether they’re dealing with a job loss, or cheating by an unfaithful zodiac sign, knowing that their loved ones are there for them is a strong source of support.

As far as bonds go, this is likely the strongest connection you can share with another person. Having your family be a source of strength and love allows you to not only enjoy good times, but also gives you the fortitude to learn from bad ones.

Over time, you may learn to derive greater joy and satisfaction through familial ties that are stronger. You can strengthen this connection by working hard to support each other, and ensuring that you are there for one another when times get tough.

:: Religions

Your religion may also be a strong source of spiritual connection for you. Many people feel strongly connected to their religion and the divine because of the different ways it has helped them through life. For example, Buddhism teaches its disciples to view all things as impermanent. This view can allow one to overcome obstacles with greater ease.

Religions can be loosely defined in this context – even non-organized religions can give individuals a deep sense of rootedness. Just knowing that there is something greater than you can be a source of strength for many people. This bond is also strengthened when you take the time to honor your religion and all that it teaches you.

In addition, the kinship one shares with their religion can also manifest itself in other ways. This could include a feeling of protection by their deity, through which they can derive inspiration to do good for the world.

:: Nature

Nature is often a source of inspiration and comfort for many people in the world. This includes being surrounded by nature, as well as taking the time to appreciate it out in open spaces. Some people may feel spiritually connected to Mother Nature, while others may appreciate the way nature improves mental health. Every type of bond is unique and strong in its own right. Being able to spend some little time every day with nature will help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated, especially if you’re stuck in a cubicle at work all day long.

To make the most of these connections, be sure to take plenty of time out for nature. You can do this during the weekend by going on a hike in the woods, or just slowing down at night to appreciate the stars outside your window.

:: Interests and Passions

Everyone has interests and passions that they like to pursue. However, you may also find that your interests may actually be a source of spiritual connection for you as well.

You don’t have to do things that are completely unique to feel deeply connected to your interests. Often, you can build this relationship just by doing something that brings you joy on a daily basis. For example, playing your favorite instrument can lend you strength and inspiration to work through the challenges of daily life.

When you find a sense of home in your interests, be sure to treat it like a gift and cherish it. With such strong support from the different things you love, you can’t help but feel closer to achieving your goals.

:: Places

Finally, you may find that the places where you go every day are a source of spiritual connection for you. Places can include your home or office, so always treat these as sacred spaces – take the time to appreciate them and feel grateful for being able to spend time within these walls.

In addition, visiting new places can also help you feel connected to strangers and the people around them. For example, being in a crowded train station may make it seem like everyone is connected by a common bond of humanity and understanding.

When you feel this connection to the different places you visit, you’ll find that it’s easier for you to tap into your inner strength and face the challenges of daily life head-on.


At the end of the day, understanding the different spiritual connections in your life can give you the willpower and grit to keep going. Through learning about these different bonds, you can forge a more intimate relationship with yourself as well as the rest of the world around you.

You don’t have to become a monk or live in a monastery to feel this deep affinity for the things you hold near and dear to you – all that matters is that you appreciate the different connections that enrich your life and enhance your resolve.

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About the Author: Jennifer Foster is the editor-in-chief of Authority Astrology. Throughout her life, she has been a romantic and believes that there is someone for everyone. Her expertise in Astrology and Human Relations allows her to create quality, trustworthy content as a life and relationship coach for star sign dating enthusiasts.

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