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Zodiac Signs That Will Be Most And Least Affected By The Taurus Full Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

Strap yourself in because the year’s last eclipse season is beginning on 19th November with the Taurus Full Moon also being a lunar eclipse.

The zodiacs will experience unexpected and fundamental shifts during this lunation. If you are one of the signs that will feel the full impact of the Beaver Full Moon then be ready for all possible plot twists and curveballs. But for some of the others, it will be more or less painless.

The 4 Most Affected Signs:


Expect some monumental shifts to take place regarding your self-identity. Since you are one of the fixed signs, you do not exactly like change. But the coming times will challenge you to step outside your comfort zone.

However, along with your toughest challenges, all your progress will be highlighted and given deserving recognition as well. Think of expression, body image, and new points of view formed by uncomfortable roadblocks.


You may feel an increased pressure to fit others’ image in your social or work life. Since the eclipse will enter the public life sector, you may feel especially vulnerable and exposed.

You might feel an overwhelming pressure to over-perform to not lose others’ validation. But this can cause burnout. So, rely more on your own identity and don’t let others’ images push you around.


The focus of this lunation is your relationships. There might be unexpected turns in your closest connections. Or, you may find yourself contemplating hard about what you need in your relationships.

This is very important right now. Ignoring hurtful or negligent relationship patterns will only cause more spiritual suffering. So, confront them the best you can.


This lunation may uncover past revelations, making you feel particularly sentimental. It will also push you to clean your private life and home – figuratively and literally.

This is the time for nurturing and reparenting yourself as you start shifting into your life’s new past. It is recommended for Aquarius to meditate on those past incidents that you think still have a bearing on your present actions.

The 3 Least Affected Signs:


This lunation is going to make you more aware of realms that we cannot physically touch. This period is going to help you have a more open mind since it will be highlighting things that have been indirectly or directly avoided so far.

The eclipse will gently remind Geminis that some things take time to process and remain in our bodies unless we pay attention to them. Meditation and reflection will be beneficial for re-prioritizing your needs.


This cosmic event will focus on shifting how you view the world. It will be a significant time for exploring, expanding, and appreciating the different cultures and customs that are not our own.

This is the time for exploring new worlds by venturing into different cultures or customs. However, whatever way this manifests will be completely your choice. This can mean reading those books on self-help that have just been sitting there, or getting tarot card readings and asking the Universe to guide you on current affairs.


This is a time of play and pleasure for you. This lunar event will hype your endeavors in creativity, and inspire you to act on transforming creative thoughts into full-on business ventures.

The approaching eclipse might make you focus on creative projects that are yet to start or be finished. Or you might feel like surrounding yourself with people that will stoke your body’s and spirit’s desires. This lunation will be asking you to invest more in yourself. 

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