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Charging And Programming Crystals With The Power Of Your Intention

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by Conscious Reminder

The healing powers offered by crystals have been revered for centuries.

Each of these special stones has its own set of properties which can bring clarity into specific areas of your life, ranging from love, relationships to career and money. 

If you are planning to build up a crystal collection, you need to make sure that you are taking all the right measures to get the most out of all these unique gems. Charging these crystals with intention is an important part of this journey as they can assist you in sharpening your intuition, manifesting the reality of your dreams, and attracting romance. 

Programming the crystals with intention is like coding a software system. One needs to energetically code the energy of the mineral with one’s intentions and expected outcomes.

Why Should You Charge Your Crystals?

Just like electronic devices, you need to charge and keep up these crystals. When you charge them, it regenerates their benefits and restores the power. As crystals radiate, store, absorb, and emit information by way of frequency when you program your crystals with intentions it creates a specific emanation into the quantum field that helps anchor that intention.

Charging these crystals acts as a physical reminder as well as an energetic anchor. You would need to program intentional energy into your crystals as well as keep the sentiments of the gem in mind.

How To Charge Your Crystals With Intention

1: Choose A Proper Crystal

If you want to manifest a goal while working with crystals, you need to choose one that you feel called to. You can also choose a gem that deals with matters you would like to focus on.

If you are working on healing your heart, you should pick rose quartz.

If you want to deepen your meditations, you can choose an amethyst.

2: Align Your Intentions With The Gem

You need to enter the right mindset to give the crystal a proper charge. Hone in on the benefits offered by the crystal and get clear on your intentions. 

If you want to bring about more self-love into your life with rose quartz, you would need to charge it by aligning yourself. You need to think and visualize the self-compassion this gem can bring you.

As soon as you find clarity, you can pass the energy onto the crystal.

3: Reciting A Mantra

It is quite important to create mantras, in order to instill your intentions into the crystal, by declaring them aloud. 

Practice this meditation technique.

Hold the crystal in your left hand, close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Try to feel the energy of the crystal within your palm.

Keep reciting an intentional matra aloud that is aligned with your personal goals or desires.

4: Visualizing Your Intentions For The Crystal

The final step to charge your crystals involves deeply visualizing your personal goals and being as thorough as you can.

You need to envision the support offered by the crystal, which can develop self-compassion or awaken your creativity.

Take deep breaths and visualize the achievements of this intention.

Once you are connected to the crystal, carry it with you daily and keep it in a sacred place to feel the energy. You need to keep in touch with it till the manifestation is complete.

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