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What Constitutes A Soulmate

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by Conscious Reminder

The question stands forever. What is a soulmate?

As in, there must be something that differentiates them from normal people, else everyone would be a soulmate for you. What makes them so special? Why do you consider them to be your soul mate? Let’s see.


A soulmate is someone; you just can’t seem to completely explain about. The feeling is different, special, and whenever you think about that person, you don’t have the words to convey what you feel.

The Past

The chances of you meeting your soulmate before you have actually dated them, are very high. It is very rare, that they are completely new to your life. You must have met them, at some point in your life, when neither of you was that important to each other. When you finally meet them, it feels akin to a scene from the past.

You Have A Connection

You just seem to get each other. You complete each other’s sentences, and then you seem to just know what the other is thinking at a particular point in time. You are metaphorically attached at the hip, and the telepathic routine between you is very strong.

You Accept Their Flaws

 The true mark of a relationship is accepting each other’s flaws. When you seem to go beyond that and actually start loving it, then it shows that this person is your true soulmate. Albeit, this must be kept in mind, that these flaws aren’t character-destroying, but little quirks, that most people find irritating, but you find adorable.


Your relationship is intense, passionate, and extremely torrid. The fights are hard and tough, but the love blossoming is even more. While this may seem to be a bit over the top, this is true in your situation, and you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Us vs Them

It is always you and him/her, vs the entire world. Soulmates consider themselves to be one entity, and that makes them invulnerable to external afflictions.

Mentally Conjoined

As said earlier, you are mentally inseparable from your soulmate. You think as one, you act as one. There aren’t two people in this relationship, but one single individual, that comprises two different consciousness working together.

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