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Astrologer Explains How To Read Your Horoscope Correctly

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by Conscious Reminder

Horoscopes are the introduction to astrology for most people.

The ancient practice goes way deeper than the modern horoscope but these personalized insights are a popular way to carry astrological advice to the people.

A recent study found that 38% of women between the age of 18 to 35 read their horoscopes on a day-to-day basis. 

A good horoscope takes the wisdom of astrology and applies it to the position of the planet. It then interprets how these planetary influences may play out in an individual’s life. 

Most people read the horoscope for their sun signs only, but there are other accurate ways of reading your horoscope. You might be reading your own horoscope in the wrong manner.

Horoscopes usually list date ranges for every sign’s birthday season which corresponds with the person’s sun signs. You need to be familiar with your “big three”, the sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign, respectively. This is how you can get a lot more out of your standard horoscope.

How Do Horoscopes Work?

Your birth chart draws out the planet’s positions in the zodiac at the exact moment you were born. You will also need the birth date, location, and time to get it even more accurate.

Your birth chart contains 12 astrological houses, which represent a different part of your life. When planets travel through these houses, it activates different areas of your life. The “rising sign” is the sign that rules the first house of your birth chart, which affects the layout of the rest of your chart.

Astrologers usually visualize the sign they are writing for as the ruler of the first house and then proceed to place the planets in the chart. This means that horoscopes are accurately written for people’s rising suns.

Reading The Horoscope For The Sun Sign

Reading the horoscope for the sun sign is standard practice and offers valuable insights. The sun is the center of our solar system and is similarly, an important element in the zodiac game.

The sun represents identity, will, and vitality. It signifies who you actually are and what forces drive you through your life.

Reading a horoscope for your Sun sign might not be accurate but can still resonate in an important way.

The exact details might not be spot-on but the total essence of the astrological advice will still remain true.

Reading The Horoscope For The Rising Sign

Horoscopes are more accurate if you can read for your rising sun along with your sun sign.

The horoscope for the rising sign will feel more accurate as the chart, the astrologer based it on, will look similar to yours.

It might feel odd to read the horoscope of a different sign, that you do not relate to, but you should give it a try and see if the energies and events align precisely with your life.

You will ultimately find that the predictions and advice make more sense for your present situation.

Reading The Horoscope For The Moon Sign

The moon sign is almost as important as the Sun sign and the rising sign. Your emotions and moods are ruled by the moon and looking through the lens of the moon will offer you a new perspective on the astrological energies.

Use the moon sign to find insight into the landscape of your inner self and your present emotional state. If the horoscope for the moon sign says that it is a good day for socializing then connect with your friends and share your feelings.

Interpretation is everything when it comes to horoscopes and astrology. Different astrologers offer different vibes even though they look at the same planets, as these planets speak different versions of the truth. This truth then alters as different people analyze them in different ways.

This is exactly why you should know how to read your horoscope more accurately and make more sense of the advice that you receive.

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