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How To Sever The Soul Connection With Your Ex?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Relationships are a tricky game to play.

Sometimes, you last forever with whom you thought to be your soul mate, but in some cases, you end up getting separated with the one person you thought to be your love, your life, because you, with the passage of time, realize that they aren’t what you want from life, and you aren’t whom they love.

This results in separation, and somehow, deteriorates the mood of both people involved, and in some cases gets really ugly. Breakups are like ripping off a band aid. If you stretch it on and on, it isn’t going to help you. The fear increases, and so does the hurt. The hurt would always be there, for separation always leads to heart break.

Nevertheless, we as humans have to take decisions in our life that might seem harsh and rude in the beginning but they turn out to be beneficial to our growth as individuals, and that help us in maintaining out sanity and peace of mind. We live in dangerous times, where these are rare. So, if it is in our hands to maintain that, why not?

Time leads to relationships. And relationship, however minimal it might look in the beginning, always creates a soul connection. It could be personal, or professional, but in both, the connection is important. But, as said above, sometimes breaking up seems to be the only option.

While this usually leads to a severing of the connection between our souls, it has been seen that on several occasions, the connection isn’t fully severed. This is because the feelings for that person never really go away. You are still thinking about them, and at a very fundamental level, you still want them in your lives, regardless of the fact that you have just broken up.

Your soul needs them. While this confidence might lessen the pain of separation, it makes it more painful as the time passes by, for you are now stuck with their memories, showing no signs of moving on. This affects your mental health, and the health of people you might later get attached to.

Severing a soul connection isn’t as easy as you might think it to be. Human beings, as a rule are social and spiritual beings, who love company, and someone to take care of them at all times. Humans love other humans loving them. This, to some extent also defines our relationships with other people.

Even though we might be hurt by someone else’s actions, we still cling onto them, because we feel that they make us happy. Similarly, our souls are resilient in themselves and take more than just a paltry breakup, to severe. This is because we can lie to ourselves that we don’t need that person, but we could never lie to our souls. Until we truly believe that we are over that particular person, our souls would always cry for them.

To be very simple, the soul connection exists, because we believe that even though the relationship doesn’t exist any more, our feelings for them are still strong. We might also frequent all those places that they might, and in times of social media, it isn’t hard for a post to sneak in. Soul connections maintain those feelings, even if we are better off without them.

But, how do we come about severing the soul connection? There are three very simple ways.

1. Closure

Closure is the most important part of any relationship. After you breakup, there are things that might get unsaid or repressed, that needs to come out. Closure basically means expressing the truth in a way that would cleanse and be cathartic to your system. Unless both partners come very clean about what they want from each other and life, closure won’t ever be attained, and unrequited feelings would always be present.

2. Social Media Isolation

In the present generation, social media plays a huge role in relationships, even though it might seem stupid. Post break up, the best thing to do would be to block and delete them on every media outlet, and asking them to do the same, for even the thought of what the other person could be doing, would undo all the effort you have put to not think about them.

3. Cleansing The Aura

Post breakup, the hardest part is to cleanse yourself from their feelings, and memories. You need to practice soul cleansing, by meditation and other processes; this would enable you to get out of their clutches, and move on with their lives.

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1 comment

EL August 10, 2019 - 10:15 pm

Another thing… Realize that the encounter (for however long and/or short it was!), was meant to be a catalyst, helping you realize the true love you felt for them, you already have in yourself (you are born with it!)! When they leave, you don’t lose this love, because it was already a part of you “all” along! They may have inspired you to feel this way, but this feeling originated and permeated from within you, outwardly! You are the love you seek, stop looking outside and go within! Namaste…


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