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Strong Women Would Rather Be Alone Than Waste Their Time On Assholes

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Going on a date may seem like the best way of using your time and energy. But it can also be the worst use of your time, as it may drain and leave you worn out.

There is no ideal relationship. But when the number of such imperfections significantly increases, there is no excuse which we could carry on with the relationship.

It just does not make sense, does it?

Even when your loved one depends on you, and their life will be negatively affected if you break up, these facts can not outweigh the fact that happiness has been stolen from you by devoting your time, as well as energy to your loved one.

A lot of people possess particular qualities which make them appealing and desirable. This can be good looks, fit body, intelligence, wit or humor. But, this is not enough for starting or carrying on a relationship. Moreover, the negative features which accompany the positive ones, such as cheating or lying, will resemble choices. They are traits, but behaviors which can also be fixed.

Staying single and being happy with it will be something good for preventing being dragged into such relationships. As an alternative, you can open yourself to happiness with some other person. Being single is often associated with loneliness. But staying in an unhealthy relationship can be even more lonesome.

Actions must be taken into consideration and judged more seriously than words. If we don’t get the treatment we deserve, we should for sure put an end to that relationship. This will have benefits for both of you. It will give you some time to move on and find the happiness with another person.

As Buddha says:

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the whole universe, deserve your affection and love.

Every one of us has a limited amount of time and energy. If we do not spend it rationally and we do not love ourselves, no one else will.

But, the conclusion is that we should not stay closed towards the chance of a relationship. Be open to people and think of the fact that your time should not be wasted. Simply said, don’t waste your time on assholes. Strong women are usually fully aware of these situations and they prefer to be alone than spending time and energy in an unhealthy relationship.

This is what makes them so special and desirable. Strong women are independent, wise, and they also know how to appreciate and genuinely love themselves. They also know that sometimes it would be better, as well as more fun to be themselves and enjoy in their freedom.

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