Empathy Shouldn’t Get In The Way Of How You Live Your Life

Empathy – it is almost seen like a magical thing to exist in many people.

Empathy is definitely a superpower – it is the power that has helped human beings progress so much farther than ever imagined.

Yes, it does have its small downsides. An empath can take up random energies of other people and get exhausted with the burden. But overall, it is a beneficial thing to have.

Or is it?

We are not always aware of the dark side that empathy has. The dark side can easily consume us wholly if we don’t battle with it. The thing is empaths absorb the problems of others and start re-living them.

This results in them solving the problem of someone else. They can’t even get rid of the problem that easily. This makes more people come to empaths for advice. They become their shoulders on which they can weep their hearts out.

They carry the burden of everyone. But then who will carry their burden? No one is there to help them, is there?

Empathy becomes a curse and a blessing for people who have this power. It holds them back but it makes other people take advantage of their kindness – of their empathic powers. Empathy can be very overwhelming for an empath.

You become really sensitive and cannot deal with the turmoil that so many problems bring upon you. You feel negative because of the negative energy that you interact with. It is exhausting. Empaths carry the weight of the whole world upon their shoulders.

It is not only limited to friends. When they watch television, they start suffering the problems that people across the globe might be going through. If you are not an empath, it’s quite impossible for you to understand what they are experiencing every day.

So, what can be the solution to this? It’s by overcoming the pressure and putting ourselves in the front that we can truly be less exhausted. It’s time for empaths to direct their empathy towards their own selves.

You don’t have to always take up the energy of someone else. Set strong boundaries and keep toxic people away from you. The problem with empathic relationships is that people use you like some emotional dump – don’t be that person. Start acting to stop it.

Let go of your emotional side and connect with your true self. Try to segregate your problems from the people’s problems. As you do so, you will slowly understand where you belong.

Know that it will be painful for you. So, start by letting go of this pain. It will take some energy; it will take a lot of strength. But eventually, you can rise up. You will be stronger.

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Trust yourself. Do not let the dark side of empathy take over.

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