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The Biggest Supermoon Of 2020 Rises Tuesday: Major Shift In Consciousness

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by Conscious Reminder

This April 7-8, the Libra Full Moon is bringing in a few surprises. Our mental state is not really in the best of states during this lockdown.

However, the Full Pink Moon of April falling in Libra is trying to give voice and meaning to your internal frustration. The Full Moon is set to help you express who you are. With the Full Moon in place, your energy levels are going to intensify.

It’s time to prepare for that energy boost. Since you need to calm yourself down during this period, it is time to meditate and bring a little bit of tranquility in your mind. The lunar energies are going to help you.

The April Full Moon is going to come the closest to Earth and it will be the biggest moon of this year. It is a Supermoon. The energy from the Moon will be quite high during this period. The Super Moon will come up on April 7th late at night and will be in its most potent form on 8th April.

The phases of growth and rebirth will gain new expression during this period. The Moon is trying to make us aware of what we wish for. This time, it is quite natural that you might be afraid of the future.

But fear only breeds negativity, and affects your spiritual side – makes your inner self toxic. So, motivate yourself, try to stay away from the news and also, stop thinking about this pandemic.

If you meditate, you might be able to connect with your guardian angels, who will help you in tackling this current situation. The lunar energy is just trying to raise your vibrational level so that you can finally connect with your higher self.

The Color Pink of the April Full Moon

While many refer to this April Full Moon as the Pink Moon, we should not take it literally. The Moon is not going to become pink. But the word ‘pink’ has relevance.

The name is given after Wild Ground Phlox – pink flowers that bloom during spring. The Moon also has the name of the Egg Moon, as it is the best time for egg-laying animals.

As you might have guessed, the Pink Moon indicates a new starting, and a growing economy – an idea taking birth. It’s time for us to embrace this lunar energy, and not be afraid to start new. The Full Moon will help us connect with our inner selves as well to make this transition go smoother.

When you are walking on this new path, you will likely face new obstacles. But don’t step back. Take one step forward at a time. It is a spiritual venture – looking back is not an option.

You are moving to a better place, after all. Don’t let the past drag you. Don’t let the worries of the future hold you captive either. Embrace the present – the now.

Healing From Within

During this month, the pink healing energy is open. Accept the energy in its magnificence. Imagine the energy swaying through the world and healing it. Don’t judge it. The Libra Pink Moon wants to shed away the dead and regretted bits of our past winters and bring through us a youthful spring.

It’s an important time and a very spiritual period for us. Push your soul forward to a new dimension. Don’t procrastinate. Take this opportunity to use this lunar energy and push yourself to become better.

Shine bright like a diamond! Let your light illuminate the world around you.

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