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Energy Boosting Ritual To Start Your Day In The Best Way Possible

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

This ritual will help you in tapping the energy well that you hold deep inside you. Here’s how to perform it:

Step 1: Prepare the space to welcome energy in

Preparing the space for the ritual. It is very important that the space is clean and without any clutter. Make sure the doors and windows are open to allow free flow of energy, having plants and fragrance of candles is also essential. Smudging before you start the ritual is also advisable.

Step 2: Connect to presence through scent 

Use Agua de Florida or some similar scent to connect yourself with your inner presence. Rub it on your palms, inhale it and spread it over your body so that each cell can come in contact with it.

Step 3: Light a candle

Use a candle to boost your energy. It could either be a yellow or gold candle to imitate the Sun or any other color which works for you.

Step 4: Set your intention

Very clearly and deeply- Think. You are going to get an extra boost of energy. What use will you put it to. How will it positively affect you and the process around you. Make known your intention for this energy.

Step 5: Energizing blessing

Take a clear Quartz stone or a Carnelian in your hand, and say a blessing for your energizing practice. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to chant a particular mantra. Just speak from your heart and ask for the divine blessing to use this extra energy in a manner which is harmonious.

Step 6: Candle-flame energy visualization

Focus on the candle you have in front of you. Imagine that its flame is burning deep inside you. Feel the glow and warmth of it eating away at all your tensions and worries which have been blocking your energy flow. You will be able to feel the energy strengthening your body and mind.

Step 7: Close the ritual 

End the ritual by blowing out the candle. Take a few more minutes to thank the divine for this energy and to assimilate it in your system.

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