Don’t Hesitate To Seek Help From The Creator

If you are an atheist, you should not be reading this article. If you are not one, go ahead. Godspeed.

Everyone appreciates a helping hand at times, when they are feeling down and low. And t is only human to feel weak and sad at times. And what greater friend in the world than the one that made you, gave you a life and a purpose in life.

The sad part of life is man has come so far away from divine help that it only seems logical that God has forsaken him. A child can leave his father, but is never the other way around.

The maker of our lives never leaves us alone. He has his angels watching over us and he himself is always careful about you and your sensitive nature.

In this age that is destined to end in an apocalypse and the end of all life, the only way to receive divine help is plain and simple: you need to pray, plead and let God know that you require his assistance. Only then can you be helped.

It is also needed to not only seclude yourself during worship but also seclude God in a space you feel is sanctified enough. This is because one must keep vibes and auras undiluted by the amount of white noise around us.

Also, God must be kept on your person at all times, in some way or the other. In this age of detachment, it is almost impossible for man to imagine the true form of God in his mind and meditate on it. So, what one needs is a symbol, or an idol.

This practice is very prevalent in religions of the East, like Hinduism. It is very common to find people keep small consecrated spots even on their work desks where they keep a small idol or a token symbol like the ‘Om’, and salute it once before starting working.

This seclusion along with practicing meditation which is directed through will towards communication with God, will help you find the bridge to him.

What is most needed is a sincere mind and concentration.


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