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Signs From Beyond: This Is How To Recognize Them

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

It is going to be beautiful to have the ability to talk with our deceased mother and tell her that we really have to know that she is with us at the moment. We could also ask her to appear in front of us so that we can see her.

Unluckily, spirits don’t work in that way. The signs which we receive from deceased ones are not going to be presented to us in obvious ways. However, they will not be as mysterious as we think.

This depends on our mindset, and if we look for them or not. When we surrender our expectation of the way in which the signs will be presented, or when we pay attention to our surroundings, we are going to recognize them.

The spirits are also going to try to actually send the signs which we are going to relate to or avoid sending the ones that we won’t. Well, the reason for this is as they want us to recognize the signs.

There are no limits when it comes to how the signs from our deceased ones are going to be presented to us. Here are the most frequently presented ones:


While we are asleep, our souls work on the other side, which means they take a break from our world. They do so in order to aid us in focusing on the soul lessons which are going to need our attention right after we wake up.

The dreams can be rarely literal – dreams of plane crashes do not mean that we are going to experience such crush, or be the witnesses of one. However, we should interpret the meanings of such dreams, just like other signs from the world of spirits.

When our loved one visits us in dreams, we are going to know it. In fact, it is going to leave us to feel loved, supported and uplifted. Sometimes, they will not talk to us but simply smile at us, while there will be times when they will tell us not to be worried about them.


The practice of using coins by our loved deceased ones is common, and they do so in order to make us realize they are here with us. Pennies are the most common coin choice among them, but any other coin is also possible.

Moreover, the year may be important too. When it comes to the year in which our loved ones were born or when they died, or it also has another correlation to certain things we are constantly worried about, that will probably be the sign from our loved ones, telling us that we are not alone.

Doppelgänger Spirit

In fact, this is a fascinating occurrence, when the spirit superimposes its own self over a person in order to provide us with the feeling that we recognize them. The spirits often do that when we are in a social situation or in line.

Those that never before experienced such a phenomenon will be surprised when they find out how often other people have.


The electricity is actually a quite popular way which spirits utilize to send us certain signs, as of the connection of energy and also as it is hard for us to deny. When crossing over, we will be in a pure and clean energy form, or we may be able to blend with electrical currents or manipulate the entire flow.

That’s why we are going to see some lights dim and then switch off, or see TVs turned on and off, without any apparent reason. We will also hear the phones ringing without physical caller on the other end.

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