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November 2018 Numerology: The Powerful 11!

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Like the great Professor Snape said on potion-making, numerology is a subtle science and an exact art. Time is the fabric that a numerologist studies to exactness, to unravel the secrets it carries with it for the space associated with it, which is life.

Certain happenings influence something elsewhere, like the saying goes, a butterfly beating its wing might cause a hurricane somewhere else; much like a series of elaborate dominos.

November is one of the more happening months, being the start of winter and all. The Earth starts metamorphosing into a more beautiful and enjoyable spring form, the process starting yesterday, on Halloween. On a more apparent level, the Earth is withdrawing, like a caterpillar does in order to change into something bigger, more beautiful and better.

It is a time of solitude, not loneliness; like the Earth, we too must revel in this time and understand the depths that lie inside us and bring them out to the surface, letting them bloom.

The 11th month brings with it, on the most basic level, the vibrations associated with the master number 11.

11, 111, 1111, etc. are master numbers of quite a high order.

This energy, associated with 11 works best for people whose birth has something to do with the number 11; suppose if you were born in November, or on the 11th or 29th (2+9) day of some other month.

The energy we mentioned is of high spiritual nature. This makes these individuals mostly very empathetic in nature. They are also mostly sensitive to a fault and visionary, not liking opposition to their vision; their empathy makes their intuition one of the strongest senses in their bodies.

The fact that the dates in November themselves include the master number 11, makes the energies of the master numbers even stronger than usual.

If November-related individuals or even 11-related individuals stay on the straight and narrow, there is a high chance of them becoming true beacons of heaven on Earth. They have infinite potential for good and can bring a lot of joy to a lot of people, in general.

Their intuitiveness makes them extremely good spiritual healers and even physical healers; after all, a large portion of a doctor’s job is to understand and even predict diseases, and for that a certain amount of empathy is needed.

This particular November is guided by the number 4 (11/2018=20+11=31 or 4).

Here are some details associated with number 4:

Number 4 Organization and practice

Symbol: the square.

Planet: Saturn and Uranus

Colours: yellow, orange and red.

Element: earth

Metal: gold.

Stones: sapphire and topaz.

Perfume / aroma: green apple.

Professions: contractor, farmer, mechanic, designer, accountant, politician, factory worker or construction worker.

The number 4 is the symbol of order and rationality. It symbolises the deep-seated reason inside the colours of life. Every fleck of dust, every critter underground, every fish in the water, every animal, every man and bird has a pattern to follow and the number 4 is the key to understanding the sum of all these patterns.

Action, stability, firmness, security, and conservatism; these are the key words for this November.

Act; do not let the moment pass without seizing it with your fullest might.

Be stable; because only with clear glasses can you see the world around you the clearest, and in doing so, act on it properly. Stability of mind, body and pocket are all important aspects to an all-round life.

Firmness is the principle that will keep you on the road you decide upon and;

Conservatism is not necessarily being a fanatic; it changing things only when necessary, in a health way.

Good luck with this charged-up November! Love & Light!

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