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Becoming Friends With Your Spirit Guides

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

When we want to embody our truth or our greatness, when we want to enjoy radiant well-being and optimal life qualities, we have to take the most crucial step, which is honoring our inner knowing and intuition.

One particular thing which we may expect when the sixth sense actually becomes heightened will be increased awareness of white-light-infused and benevolent spirit beings all around us most of the time. Such beings are usually devoted to guiding, helping, and also nudging, prodding, and supporting us on our path in this life.

Every person in the world has more than only several spirit guides that assist him or her on their journey through their lives, and also have one full-time, main spirit guide.

Usually, this one is called the guardian angel, although it is one of our spirit guides, and these two things aren’t the same. Angels are different from spirits. Spirits are capable of incarnating into the form of a human, while angles aren’t, plus angels vibrate at higher energy frequency than the spirits.

The full-time spirit guide will be with us for 24/7, from when we were born until we die. It is empowering, and it is relieving to know that we will never be alone.

Cultivating our relationship with our spirit guide may dramatically improve our quality of living, and provide us with a potent source in order to as for or receive guidance, clarity, help, or insight on our path. When we connect with our spirit guide, it is dramatically going to enhance our spiritual journey.

These are the three main steps for connecting or contacting our spirit guide:

1. We should connect to our spirit or the essence of our soul, so we will be able to heart our spirit guide’s whispers.

When we connect to the essence of our soul, we raise our vibration, making it easier for our spirit guide gets in conscious contact with us. Then, our spirit guide will always communicate with us.

Our minds and lives are very loud, stressful, busy, and chaotic so that we cannot generally hear our spirit guide. Its presence is subtle and soft so that it will not override our desires and free wills.

In general, we need to get quite consciously and choose to carefully listen to this spiritual being, in order to hear it better. 

2. We should write letters to our spirit guides.

We should consult with our spirit guide actively in written form. We should ask for clarity, help, solutions, guidance, and insight.

Also, we have to be sure always to express our gratitude for everything the spirit guide did for us. We are going to receive answers, although they will commonly come in understated, nuanced and unexpected ways.

We should constantly look out for symbols, signs, coincidences, and synchronicity. They contain specific messages for us.

Also, we can receive crystal clear indications or messages from the lines of a particular song, book, discussions, and conversations with others, television news and shows, so we will uncannily answer every question we had.

3. Ask our spirit guide for her or his name.

We should demonstrate our belief, trust, and faith in our spirit guide’s existence by asking him or her of the name, in a prayer form.

We should speak out loud to our spirit guides, and let them know that we want to establish a much closer relationship with them, starting from their name.

When we ask for their names with true readiness, heartfelt conviction, and fearlessness, in the following several weeks, we are going to receive their names on three different occasions.

Their names will come through books, songs, received postcards, conversations, hearing others calling these names out loud close to us on the streets and so on.

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