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You Can Create Your Own Sacred Place

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Creating a sacred place is a mystery of the past. Nowadays, people travel for thousands and thousands miles to reach a certain sacred place, without even knowing that they actually have everything they need to create one on their own. 

But now we have the explanation, and what is more exciting, we have the recipe. As we all know, everything represents a vibration, and each vibration has frequency, just as the rocks in the ground, the water in the seas or the air we breathe. All these things create the “frequency concoction” unique to a certain location.

The absence of water in the desert air, and its presence in the air around the sea makes all the difference when it comes to experiencing such two places.

There are points in space that increase our strength and speed up recovery. But, in order to find these places, people need to be focused and find and feel the energy in every location they visit. Every place transmits the energy absorbed by the events that took place there over time.

The best example for this is the comparison between Machu Picchu and Auschwitz. It is obviously that Machu Picchu is more enjoyable, because of the past of Auschwitz. Vibrations are around us, and we are like sponges absorbing all of that.

Ancient people have so many techniques for making one place more peaceful, and to find peace in every place.

For example, North, South, East and West, transmit different energy, but you need to be very focused and feel what kind of vibration the place is trying to convey, in order to create a balance in the spot, and transform it into a sacred one.

If the people couldn’t find the perfect spot, they were capable to create one. They were singing some vowels which increase the positive vibration.

In addition we are going to present you for what each sound was used.

-THE EAST: eeee, imitating the air and elevated the spiritual body
-THE SOUTH: aye, imitating the fire and increase the vibration of emotional body
-THE WEST: uuuu, imitating the water and uplifted the physical body
-THE NORTH: oooo, imitating the earth and lightened the mental body.

Ancients used different methods, and discovered that a place should have balance in the elemental energy, and as a consequence of that, the place will have balance on body, mind and spirit.

Furthermore, people were singing songs in order to increase the energy of the place, the stars and nature elements were copied on the buildings and stones, all that with one purpose.

The most enlightening songs were made in that time, prayers with huge doses of divine vibration were spread around. One song was equal to a drop of positive vibe in the atmosphere.

All in all, these people did everything in their power to make their life more peaceful. Now we have the recipe, so we can create our personal sacred place.

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