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Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Mercury Retrograde Is Finally Over

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by Conscious Reminder

Take a deep breath…
We’ve done it again: we’ve survived a Mercury retrograde.

The Planet of Communication’s backwards dance officially ends on May 14, clearing us of all misunderstandings, travel chaos, and relationship woes (or so we’re told.) When Mercury goes direct, we’re in for a real treat — but it’s still a time when we need to be prepared.

This particular retrograde transit was difficult: in fact, it was the most difficult Mercury retrograde of 2023 because it coincided with the year’s first eclipse season. There were dramatic endings and crisis moments, but the lessons were extremely valuable in the sense that we now know where to focus our efforts.

Mercury’s retrograde in Taurus is significant because it is a sign of value. The fact that Mercury was in retrograde helped us realize what we should be focusing on. It assisted us in correcting our actions regarding money, budgets, and financial situations, paving the way for a brighter future. While Mercury retrograde was difficult on our finances, we learned a lot and may be better prepared in the future to prioritize saving (or better spending).

Mercury is direct, but it is still in its post-retrograde shadow, or retroshade, until May 31. This time, the retroshade will have us daydreaming about ex-lovers and dealing with financial issues. We will revise our work objectives. The effects of the retrograde will be most noticeable during Gemini season, as Mercury rules the air sign. There will be more miscommunications and Mercurial mishaps.

Look for Mercury to pass over the point in the sky where it met the sun on May 1 at 11 degrees Taurus on May 27. When a planet sits in the heart of the sun, this is known as a cazimi in astrology. Mercury will retrace those steps, bringing us back to this pivotal moment. We might be finally ready to have an important conversation, learn important news, or act on an idea that came to us during this period.

Take yourself back to May 1 and ask yourself, “What do you wish you had done differently?”

Then go ahead and do it.

Another important date to remember during Mercury’s direct motion is June 4, when the Planet of Communication collides with Uranus, the Planet of Revolution. This is significant not only because it has the potential to bring breakthroughs, innovative ideas, and insight, but also because Mercury was just a few degrees shy of completing the conjunction with Uranus when it stationed retrograde. We felt the tremors of something new and possibly life-changing, but once Mercury started spinning backward, our focus and priorities shifted.

But now, as the two planets align, we’ll be able to experience clarity — finally! — and usher in a flood of new ideas and out-of-the-box solutions that felt so close but unattainable during the retrograde period.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from this retrograde, it’s to take chances rather than pass up opportunities. This retrograde was all about summoning the courage to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new.

I hope you’ve learned to live life with more courage and curiosity than Mercury.

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