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4 Phrases That Sum Up Today’s Misconception Of Love

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In this article we give you four phrases that gave us the wrong impression of what love is and what love should be.

In my personal opinion, the main reason why young people can’t wait to be in  a relationship is partially because of the concept behind relationships that we’ve been taught since we were little.

Basically, the young minds have been fed the thought that we need to search and, eventually, find the perfect one to achieve happiness. Our parent, the TV, the magazines…they have all been planting these ideas into our heads about living a fairytale that has to match Disney’s movies.

I’m not saying that I hate these concepts; I’m pointing out how they have affected those of us who are single- or at least how they have affected me. Here are a few examples:

“He/She is my better half.”

This implies that you alone are a half, and your partner alone is a half. Unless you feel whole alone, you will always view yourself half as valuable as you really are.

When two come together to become one, it doesn’t mean that two halves are coming together to form a whole. It means that two wholes are joining forces to create a powerhouse of wholeness

Yes, you’ll be able to do more, amazing things once you’ve been joined with your life companion.  Notice the comma. What you’re doing when you’re single is just as valuable to the kingdom as what you’ll do with your spouse one day. 

“He/She completes me.”

I hold a strong belief that we were all created with a perfect match/counterpart who will give us the chance and opportunity to grow and improve ourselves. However, our rise should never be placed solely in the hands of others.

If you don’t feel complete before you get into a relationship, be sure that another person won’t fulfill the void. For the time being it might feel like they do, but as the relationship develops and the initial butterflies are gone, it will resurface again.

“Your Prince Charming is on his way,” or “Just keep waiting for your Prince Charming.”

(I don’t know if there’s some type of male-equivalent of this that guys are told.)

This is one of those phrases that put pressure on guys and makes them feel like they are on a mission to go and find their princesses. Also, this makes girls/women feel like there is someone out there coming for them if they just wait long enough. 

Listen, maybe it’s just my personality but I’m not waiting on love. I have love already. I’m working while I’m being prepared for my future husband/life companion- not sitting around and counting down the minutes till his arrival. 

And, please, don’t mistake me for someone who hates romance and believes that these phrases are evil; I find them sweet as long as we remember that our happiness is not external. It comes from us first and than from our interactions with other people. 

I personally can’t wait to post pictures of my future spouse and say things that let everyone know how emotionally dependable he will be, but I’m not going to paint him as someone who I depend on more than myself.

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