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Mars Retrograde in Aquarius & Capricorn: June – August 2018

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by Conscious Reminder

The planets within our solar system are in constant motion as they revolve around our Sun. When we gaze into the night sky, our planets move to the East relative to the stars. 

However, there are times where it appears that a planet is moving in the opposite direction, to the West, and that is when a planet is referred to as moving retrograde. Of course, retrograde planets are never actually moving backward, the backward motion is purely an optical illusion.

Planets only have the appearance of moving backward from our position here on Earth. You may have experienced this same optical illusion yourself when driving past a car traveling at a slower speed to your vehicle.

As you pass the car, there is a period where it appears that the car you are passing is stationary and then moving backward.  It is an illusion created by the different speeds of the passing vehicles.

Seven out of the nine planetary energies go retrograde. The two luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, can never go retrograde. On the other hand, the two shadow planets, Rahu and Ketu, are retrograde most of the time as they move counterclockwise and contrary to the rest of the planets.

When we look at the motion of planets in our solar system, we won’t find that a planet actually stops in its orbit and moves backward. However, it can appear this way when seen from the Earth.

The optical illusion created by two trains running side-by-side is similar to what we see when a planet orbits close to the earth and let’s remember that the Earth is moving as well. When the earth passes a slower moving planet, that planet will appear to move retrograde.

During 2018 planet Mars will be going retrograde in the sign of Capricorn on 27th of June. Capricorn is the tenth sign in natural zodiac scheme and Mars will be retrograde there till 28th of August. Capricorn sign lord is Saturn and Mars is its enemy.

In astrology, Saturn represents hard work, obstacles, diseases, misery, and pains whereas Mars is prime trigger of war and anger. This means retrograde Mars is directly going to affect our lives in a negative manner and if Mars is afflicted in your horoscope then Mars retrograde transit in Capricorn can cause issues in your life.

Mars appearing retrograde is a time when our energy and actions are busy and distracted. Just as communications, electrical and networks go haywire during Mercury Retrograde our reserves of the ardent drive can be knocked off course during this time.

It might be a chaotic period of in-action, and our plans may back-fire or be thwarted by obstacles. Other people might seem to have a quick temper, be overactive, rash and take action on impulse. Drives may wane, including our sex-drive.

Willpower, assertiveness, forthrightness and the ability to power and drive through life will be on slow-gear, even reverse. Do not initiate new projects, plans could need re-assertion.

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