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Gemini New Moon, June 2023: Dos & Don’ts for Channeling Your Creative Energy

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by Conscious Reminder

When the new moon in Gemini arises on June 18, 2023 at 12:36 a.m. ET (06:36 a.m. CET), you may feel compelled to indulge your curiosity and try on new hats.

The air sign encourages you to experiment, invent, and create. What changes would you like to make? Anything is possible under the new moon in June.

Keep an eye out for the aspect between la luna and the mystical Neptune. That minor flaw means you’re prone to wandering into your own fantasy land — and not in a good way. Keep your wits about you; do your best to view situations objectively.

Follow these dos and don’ts for June’s new moon if you want to spice up your social life this summer or start a new hobby.

DO: Find Common Ground

Because Gemini is a social air sign, it is important to maintain a diplomatic demeanor when communicating with friends. Mercury, Gemini’s planetary ruler, forms a supportive aspect to Venus, so maintain balance when speaking your truth.

DON’T: Take Shortcuts

You may be tempted to work smarter, not harder — the Gemini way — but Saturn retrograde (beginning June 17 and lasting until November 4) will prompt you to value the lessons you learn along the way. Put in the time, effort, and devotion to your projects to ensure success.

DO: Set Realistic Goals

Under Gemini, our enthusiasm can naturally take the wheel, but with Saturn retrograde in Pisces, the need for boundaries is strong. Examine your schedule and plan accordingly to avoid overcommitting or exhausting yourself.

DON’T: Get Swept Away By Fantasy

A tense aspect between this unusual new moon and Neptune may blur the distinction between what is real and over-romanticization or delusions. This is an important lunation for dispelling lies by separating your emotions from reality.

DO: Find New Passions

Do you want to improve your skills? The inventive new moon in taskmaster Gemini is the ideal time to branch out into new territory, whether it’s baking or coding. This lunation is all about pushing your mind to its limits.

DON’T: Rush Into Things

This new moon, in true Gemini fashion, can have you going back and forth on major decisions. Neptune is colliding with the moon, causing deception and confusion. As a result, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

DO: Hit Up Your Friends

Gemini’s chatty and social energy is ideal for planning an outing with your besties. Get together with your favorite people for brunch or a hike. Ask them to bring their other friends as well. This lunation is ideal for meeting new people!

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