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This Is How Tonight’s Aquarius Full Moon Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

Full Moons are a time of transformation and illumination. Like so, this 3rd August’s Aquarius Full Moon will inspire our sense of justice and equality. The potent lunar energies will light a desire for change and freedom in us all.

During the 3rd August Aquarius Full Moon, Uranus will be square to the Moon and the Sun. This means that there is a greater chance of revelations.

Here’s how your zodiac will be affected during this Lunar event.


Things have been tough for all of us lately. You might have realized that your friends are your biggest asset during these times. You will feel an urgency to meet your loved ones. But unfortunately, money and the pandemic will prevent you from doing so. The best thing for you to do is to realize the amazing support system you have. Reflect and be grateful.


This Aquarius Full Moon, you will be forced to reflect on your social standing and your profession. You might feel polarized between your domestic and public image. Remember that it’s you who matters ultimately. Just be yourself, and you will be okay.


If you have been working hard on a project, be it personal or professional, you need to be careful during this Aquarius Full Moon. Your inner issues might derail you. Be extra careful in your decisions and double-check all the information you receive.


The key points for you are your finance and opinions. Either someone might ask for financial aid, or you will have difficulty retrieving your loans. You might also find people trying to undermine your opinions. Keep calm, trust yourself, and stand your ground.


Your professional and personal relationships will be tested during the 3rd August Lunar event. Professional obligations might put a wedge between you and your partner. You might also face difficulties with your business partner. The key is to be transparent and to communicate.


Health, personal, and professional responsibilities will be highlighted during this Aquarius Full Moon. Certain events might lead you to overthink and worry. What you need to do is keep your calm and meditate. Don’t let irrational worries cloud your judgment.


Your creativity and love life will be at the forefront during this Lunar event. You might be experiencing a fun time currently. However, a financial issue might change that soon. The best thing for you to do is dive into your creativity.


This Aquarius Full Moon, the need of the hour for you, is balance. You need to focus on balancing your career and your family. The Lunar energies unleashed will give you clarity. Use it wisely to balance things out.


The main issue you will find yourself fighting with is communication. Awkward social situations might arise due to a lack of communication. What you need to focus on is putting your honest opinions in front of others.


Expect business opportunities or even a raise from your employer. The one thing that can deter you from a financial gain is your relationship. Be calm and patient during this Aquarius Full Moon.


You are in for a revelation during this Lunar event. A few changes might make you feel a little unsettled. Remember to calm yourself down. Trust the Universe; the coming days will bring in greater stability.


You will feel the urge to be alone. Know that it’s okay to rest. Create a space for yourself and start recuperating. You will soon be up and running.

During this Aquarius Full Moon, expect changes in the external and internal worlds.

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