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Today Is May 5th: Use The 555 Activation Code For Powerful Energy Upgrade

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by Conscious Reminder

555 is what an upgrade looks like. This is when we do a complete shift towards actions and positivity. This is what happens when we step into our own zone and access all the power bestowed upon us.

Letting go of the old is necessary to embrace transformation. This is when we accept our sovereignty as we wake up and accept the quantum changes.

These big changes affect our lives, our dreams, aspirations, careers etc. We were shut down from the world till now. We can feel it again.

5 Ways We Are Upgrading As Human Beings

1. Like the movie ‘Matrix’, we are growing out of the illusion. We are able to see beyond the illusion, beyond the veil that surrounds us, and can actually decipher the truth. We start to accept this truth, which may very well change our lives completely. The throat and the crown chakra get fired up in order to break free from this mind control.

2. Our life-force and energy are increasing. A fitter body, a fitter lifestyle, a balanced diet, regular exercise, meditation, we are all trying to improve our body and spirit. We tend to look younger than our parents and grandparents did when they were at the same age.

3. Heart activation. Since our heart chakra gets activated, we start understanding the true meaning of humility, grace, and kindness. The root and sacral karma get released, thereby enabling us to attain the love frequency that we need to grow as humans.

4. Activation of the Higher Chakras. As our third eye and crown chakra get balanced and cleansed, we attain spiritual knowledge that allows us to get in touch with the higher realm. We understand the multiple dimensions in the universe and manifest ourselves to a higher point of understanding where we trust our instincts.

5. As above so below. We learn to be rooted. To never forget where we came from is our chief goal. It is not hiding, but it is to be in control, understanding, transparent and balanced.

The advice is the same everywhere – we are being surrounded by negativity and vampire energies feeding off your life force. And somewhere down the line, that is stopping you from attaining a higher realm of understanding. It is stopping you from investing the necessary energy and fuel required for you to get to that stage where you can simply pine for success and reach it.

In fact, it is not about success anymore. This is about who you are and what you represent. And unless you get rid of vampires who suck you dry, you will never understand or identify who you are, what is real and what is not.

Someone, who has never seen true happiness and who has never removed the blocks from the cosmic journey will never understand what contentment feels like.

So, strip yourself completely of the old, search yourself and remove everything that affects you negatively, even a little bit. You need to be aware of what you would manifest. And that only comes when you detoxify yourself.

The flow that you are currently going to experience means surrendering. You have to surrender yourself to the wills of the universe which means letting the static energy pass through you, taking away all of the fears and anxieties.

Listen to your gut, your solar plexus, for that is where you would find true wisdom. Stop surfing with your heart and simply follow your instincts.

555 is the activation of our instincts, responding to the language of numbers, recognizing synchronicity without allowing negative or toxic thoughts inside. Choose and fight your battles carefully. Embrace the changes that come with it.

The Universe will send just one message- ‘Just Do It’. Align yourself with it and find yourself on the journey to attain Nirvana.

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