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4 Ways To Remember Your Past Lives

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Have you ever felt like you’ve been somewhere before even though it was your first visit? Maybe you’ve sensed an instant connection with a complete stranger? Or perhaps you have an unexplained phobia unlinked to any bad experiences? Lucky you! You’re experiencing a fleeting moment from a past life. If you want to find out more about your history, psychic Katie Golby’s quick and easy guide shows you how to tap into days gone by… 

Investigating the your past lives is a great way to understand you are an immortal soul living a human life; one that is here to learn and grow.

Comprehending who you were allows you to heal who you are now, and with that you will experience a wonderful sense of inner peace.

To explore the past lives you may have had, there are a number of options available to you. You may wish to trial and error each one to find which bests suits you. Whatever your inclination, have fun and enjoy the process.

Enter a deep trance

      • Find a quiet space where you are safe and won’t be disturbed.
      •  Close your eyes and focus on your breath. As you feel yourself relax, imagine yourself in a long hallway with a door at the other end
      • Walk down the hallway with purpose, knowing that when you open the door at the end you will see something from your past life
      • Accept whatever you see on the other side, and allow the scene to become more detailed as you look at it
      • If you see nothing, think of a favourite hobby, skill or travel destination. Consider whether this is linked to a past life. After the meditation, grab some paper and write down everything you saw, including the date and time

Dreams (and daydreams!)

      • Before you go to sleep, ask the cosmos to show you glimpses of your past lives.
      • Keep some paper and a pen by the bed and write down any details you can remember from the dreams as soon as you wake up. At first it may only be only a few words, but keep practising and you will be surprised by how much you are able to recall after a few days

Automatic writing

      • Take a few moments to centre yourself and breath deeply
      • Using a pen and paper, write down the information that comes to you
      • Do not censor yourself whilst doing this as this can block the process. Just allow the pen to flow naturally and see what comes out. It may surprise you!

Putting the pieces together

      • Keep the details and information you find out about your past life together in a journal so that you can fit the pieces of the puzzle together
      • List your affinity to certain places, foods and time periods can help you ascertain where you were living in a past life
      • Phobias, fears, and the things that you are naturally talented in can also provide you with clues. Like a detective, you can add these details to your journal to give you an overriding picture of who you were
      • Being open to the possibility of your past lives will really help to give you a better understanding of who you are now. Have fun and enjoy exploring the realms of your subconscious!

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