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The White Light Will Keep You Safe & Positive

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

One’s life should always revolve around making it positive. Maybe not immensely happy, but something that wouldn’t propagate negativity.

Precisely why you should use white light, as it is an effective protection against negativity.

The best way to use this white light is to simply sit still and envision yourself being wrapped in a cocoon of white light, that is positive and protective.

Here are some more tips, that would help you use white light even better.

Make Time Every Day To Use White Light

While it is most effective when one is in trouble, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be practicing it every single day. Even if it for 5 minutes.

Imagine The White Light

It is impossible to simply imagine white light around you. Try putting up images in your mind that you are comfortable with and also suit the purpose. You could imagine yourself looking into a light source and suddenly being ensconced in a ball of white light.

Use It Immediately After You Wake Up Or Before Sleeping At Night

If you use your white light as soon as you wake up, it is going to fill you with a protective, pro-active shield. This shield is going to keep all the negativity at bay throughout the day. Also, if you forget, try clearing out your mind before using it because it can also trap all the negative energy while keeping the rest out.

Try Touching Your Thumbs Together

Also, your middle fingers, if you can. This is said to be sending messages to the brain, which would help relax your nerves.

Perfection Comes From Practice

In this scenario, perfection is being able to use it at will and effortlessly. For that, try to situate yourself in a calm environment where people wouldn’t disturb you. Then, slowly slip into the embrace of the light. It might be tough in the beginning, but it will soon be effortless.


Mantras are equally important, for they allow the mind to focus without diversions. Choose one that resonates within your vibes.

White light has always been considered to be an effective shield against any negativity that might be trying to harm you. Use it before you go to bed tonight, and then try it when you wake up in the morning.

Do you feel different?

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