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Are You An Empath? 5 Signs To Look Out For

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

If you are reading this article that means you have a basic understanding of what an empath is.

And if you have searched for this that means you have a hunch that perhaps maybe you’re an empath as well.

If it explains away all the different things you’ve been feeling all your life, to which you could never put a name to, then maybe yes. Once you discover for sure that you are indeed an empath a new chapter of your life begins.

But before that, let’s make sure that it is indeed the case. Read on to know the 5 most important characteristics of Empaths.

1. You are gripped by a lot of ineffable emotions suddenly

You have mood shifts of the most erratic nature. You’d go from happy to sad to excited all in a matter of 5 minutes with no apparent change in your circumstances. This is because you are experiencing the emotions of other around you.

2. Always being in difficult relationships and surrounded by tough people

Empaths are much more prone to attract narcissists and abusive people in their life. This is because they have a natural instinct to help someone who is troubled but sometimes people just use them for their own benefit.

3. You need to take time for yourself every time you’ve had too much of people

When you don’t know about your powers and how to control them, you’ll be drastically drained by the emotions of everyone around you. It becomes too much for you to handle and you need to retire into yourself to regain your energy.

4. Your intuitions are very strong

You are naturally gifted when it comes to intuition. It is the result of your past lives accumulated experience that guides you where to go.

5. You are not always sure of your emotions

Since you are so attuned to the emotions of people around you, you sometimes can’t hear what is coming from inside you. You need to learn to distinguish your own emotions than those from the outside world.

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