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Soul Origins — Science, Spirituality & Metaphysics

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Exploring the many questions regarding the soul and explaining it in the most scientific manner possible. Learn about how our current scientific knowledge helps shed light on the elusive concept of a soul.

What could possibly drive a person to pursue momentary pleasures and material ambitions, while another something deeper and more meaningful?

What allows two different people to witness the exact same form of earthly suffering, but only one of them is affected on a deep level and experiences an awakening, leading to a complete change in their lives?

Why do some people seem inherently more mature, compassionate and receptive than others?

The answer to such questions is a person’s own sensitivity or receptivity to their inner wisdom.

Scientific Understanding

Although there has been a lag, the scientific communities have finally started confirming the spiritual belief that our world is a living and vibrating being, in which everything is interconnected.

According to scientific research, vibrations are repetitions of wave-like patterns involving our physical systems on the atomic or even the subatomic realms. And the new interest in quantum physics is attempting to understand these waves and their impact on our world.

According to Quantum Physics and Mechanics, the physical universe that we interact with everyday is a sea of energy and the physical matter we interact with is nothing more than electrical charges interacting with a number of different electromagnetic charges.

We don’t consider electrons to be particles any longer since they don’t exist independently and they are spread throughout space as quantum waves.

What do these Discoveries mean for the Soul?

Many of our previous scientists, including Sir Isaac Newton, had a material world view, according to which, matter came first. However, as our understanding increases, we are forced to abandon that notion in favor of a theory based on our consciousness, known as the productive theory.

According to the theory, our brain is solely responsible for being consciously aware. However, now we are further forced to look back at more ancient beliefs, which dictate that the living energy, or the consciousness, is the primary force of life.

This ancient view is known as the transmission theory, which suggests that consciousness is an inherent part of the cosmos and hence is considered as trans-personal or autonomous of our senses; the brain moderates it at its maximum extent, meaning, brain filters consciously adapt, focus and experience.

Where does the Soul come in?

As mentioned above, there is a mysterious power, one that we have started to explore but we are yet to comprehend it in its complexity. This underlying power is responsible for birthing and sustaining all life and creation in the universe. We are a manifestation of this power.

This fundamental energy is shared among all living things, while vibrating on different levels. This fundamental energy has come to be known as the spirit.

A spirit can manifest in various different forms and shapes, as it operates on an inter-relational flow, meaning it creates and recreates without the restriction that exists within time and space, in other words it is ever growing.

In some ways, this indicates that we too are a form of spirit, as we too are composed of its living energy.

Spirits are consisted of frequencies, which can be found in everything we can physically perceive, such as plants, animals, stones, etc. Even consciousness lies within the ambit of spirit.

As a spirit physically manifest, we start to become aware of our individuality. When the physical manifestation of the spirit becomes aware of its existence, it needs to reunite with its soul.

It is during this period that we start developing a soul, which represents the time when we are capable of experiencing the universal spirit.

As the process repeats itself, the soul gets purified in the process and overtime develops to grow old and wise. This is the essence of soul ages and there are different types of souls: young, mature and old souls.

The soul plays a vital role in our lives, as it serves as our inner voice, our moral compass of compassion and guides our lives.

Now, whether we listen to our soul, solely depends upon our receptivity to the soul. When neglected, the soul suffers, hence it needs nourishment in the form of meaning or spiritual significance.

Soulful Energy

Soulful energy represents our capacity to exert our soul age energy that resides within each of us. Another way to look at soulful energy is similar to how we perceive will power.

For example, one day we are determined to exercise, but the next everything changes, like we are completely different person. This happens after we have used our soulful energy — due to our inexperience, we are unable to exercise more of the energy.

Normally we associate discipline and willpower with personality traits. However, we never wonder about the energy that drives our luck, health love and so on. Even the law of attraction is based upon the notion of soulful energy, among various other teachings and beliefs.

Based on this, it is extremely important to accumulate soulful energy and learn to effectively exercise it. Our ability to control or even master this energy improves the quality of our lives and puts us in control over ourselves.

This article was inspired by Soulful Energy: Origins Of The Soul, which was written by Don Mateo Sol. He is the author and co-founder of popular spiritual website LonerWolf.com. As a shamanic practitioner, teacher and soul guide, Sol has helped to lead thousands of people throughout the world on their journeys of self-discovery, healing and wholeness. You can follow Sol’s work on Facebook.

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