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The Scorpio New Moon Will Bring Out The Emotional Side Of Every Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

The New Moon, happening on the 7th of November, will spread darkness and radiate the energy belonging to the most profound, life-changing, as well as a passionate sign of the Zodiac – the Scorpio.

New Moons are always a sign of fresh beginning, as well as an opportunity of planting the seeds for some new intentions which you can grow and nurture.

With the power of Scorpio fueling this event, there is no surprise that you are going to be worn down to warm part of the heart.

The New Moon from this period will help you to unlock a profound part in yourself. You should not expect overnight changes, but you can try recognizing some patterns which continue reemerging.

Here, you can read your horoscope for this intense New Moon period, and find out what you should expect:


You will rise from the dead. You also did this before, and just like your spiritual animal, which is the Phoenix, you will do it once again. What is the new reality you rise into? It does not need to be your final destination, but some latest incarnation. You should not fear to have your purposes high – during this period you will have the wind blowing beneath the wings.


If the light is brighter, the shadow will be darker; however, the shadow is not so bad, you are familiar with that. During this period, you should begin searching for gold. You should reclaim something which you repressed for yourself, and reveal it finally.


You often change places, and your determination, as well as the focus is guaranteed to lead you there. When you reach the objective you have, will it be as you really want to? People change, after all – so to keep your purposes appropriate, you should keep them evolving together with you.


The person who said “People have the power” was right. However, your capacity of tuning into the natural energy is considered as a superpower. During this period, you can carry your power in order to achieve whatever you place your thoughts too.


Light and love may seem like something new to someone, but Pisces knows best. You experienced darkness in your soul, and you came out on the opposite end of such experiences with entirely new, as well as undeniable brilliance. This period offers you some spiritual experiences and sharing them is going to make them transformational.


Forbidden fruits have a better taste for you, right? However, taboos are here for some reason – therefore, prior to breaking some rules, you have to ask yourself what they may be. Clearly, once when the line is crossed, the harm is also caused. We are not suggesting that you should not take risks during this period, but if you decide to do that, keep your eyes wide open.


Potent couples keep their backs, but they do not hold each other’s backs. A real couple is the one in which both individuals have the freedom to develop. Sure, a chance to outgrow one another always exists. During this period, you will need some time and space to make the relationship grow.


You are a person that can burn a candle on the two ends better than anyone else; however, this is not making it suitable for your own health. Soon, the candle will burn if you do not balance activity with taking some rest. This period may be an alleviating period for you if you get the time needed to regenerate the batteries. 


People in this sign are not shy as they present themselves to be. What they really do is await the right time to rise from the exterior. What also adds to your mystical personality is selecting where, when and who. However, you need to permit yourself to guard down from time to time, in order to have an excellent time.


You should not consider pride as everything, particularly when it comes to your family. When you put your past behind, it can sometimes not be quite easy for you, but during this period, it is something for which you can indeed be proud of.


Small details may do a huge difference; however, not each of them is worth to consider. Some are not important, and when you focus more on them, you could lose more than you expected. During this period, the detective inside you is going to wake up; however, remember that the mystery you are obsessed with is, in fact, worth to solve.


Sometimes, talking about money is not kind, but this is the only rule which you can permit yourself to not respect. Clearly, money is not something good or even bad, but what is really important is the way you get that money, the way you use them, as well as what that speaks of your values. So, during this period, you should take a sincere look at the finances you have.

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