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Libra 2022 Full Moon Astrology Forecast

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by Conscious Reminder

The Libra Full Moon brings forward turning points all over as your relationships are under review and reworking under this Full Moon.

You should not fear the reaper. You should be welcoming these difficult changes if you’re not making them happen yourself.

Full Moons bring forward emotions and situations to a peak while carrying intensity and fast changes fit for an eclipse.

The Libra Full Moon in 2022 promises you a whole lot of amendments to contracts, line drawings, and hands pulling life-supports without any hesitation. Certain realizations and actions will come out of the blue but the targets will have been made themselves for months or even longer.

The Changes Ushered In By The Libra Full Moon 2022

The Libra Full Moon carries on the process that was brought forward by the previous Full Moons, which aspected Pluto and brought forward unavoidable change. The dynamic configuration of the Libra Full Moon is a bit different as it swings between an individual agency, which is the Sun in Aries, and another relationship, which is the Moon in Libra.

It brings forward pressure from both ends against evolutionary, permanent, and structural change, which is represented by Pluto in Capricorn.

The pressure exerted on Pluto can be dredging up secrets and power issues that have been bubbling beneath the surface. This is a powerful moment of something’s gotta give. These things might cause a change in your attitude.

Mercury is the ruler of information and our minds and is an agent of unpredictable changes. The teaming up of Uranus and Mercury can cause a switch to flip which in turn changes thinking, perspectives and attitudes. You feel your mind liberate in the middle of a conversation and see a change in your perspective that you never expected.

Massive Changes In Your Perspectives

The Libra Full Moon in 2022 has its ruler, Venus, in sextile with Mercury and Uranus.

A change in your thought process will open up your experiences in love and this will be a positive development.

If nothing new pops up, then you can rewrite or end your previous relationship with caring and kindness.

The Moon is in an injunction to Neptune and Jupiter and is conjunct in Pisces, which points out where you have overly romanticized a relationship or where bondings had been affected due to substance abuse. This offers the possibility of forgiveness and conjunction, which pours in and softens the decisions coming now. You need to make adjustments to introduce the higher views.

The Libra Full Moon is not a recipe for pain but you will have enough control going into it. This will be much more stable than you expect.

The Full Moon is trine Saturn, which is the planet of order, responsibility, and structure. This will flood you with maturity and will provide a more than fighting chance of negotiating with this Full Moon with utmost respect and maturity.

There will be several moments of discomfort as these Plutonian strikes can hurt. The  Uranian switching can shock and stun you. Even though these forces are startling, they will nudge you towards a stable and secure future where you can fulfill your worth and values.

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