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Will The New Moon In Virgo 2018 Affect Your Mood? Why You Might Start Feeling More At Peace With Yourself

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There’s a sparkling new moon in earthy Virgo headed our way, and it honestly couldn’t come at a better time. Mother Nature can do no wrong, and the phases of the moon serve as a reminder that life is cyclical.

Will the new moon in Virgo 2018 affect your mood? Perhaps, although I don’t see this lunation affecting your emotional state, as much as I see it bringing you peace of mind.

Think about it: Virgo comes after Leo in the zodiac wheel, right? Well, this is because Virgo already brings Leo’s gifts and individual light into the world. Granted, Virgo inherited Leo’s individualism, but Virgo actually utilizes it in a more physical, and effective way. What’s the point of having talent and authenticity if you can’t bring it to life? Virgo is extremely practical, and needs to feel productive at all times.

Haven’t you noticed how Virgo season starts toward the end of the summer once everyone goes back to school? This is no coincidence, stargazers. Leo season is at the peak of summertime, when everyone is out swimming, laughing, and playing outside. Meanwhile, Virgo season is when everyone starts to get their life organized, and prepare for the fall and winter. In case you haven’t noticed, Virgo is what helps us get our Leo acts together. So, don’t fight it.


Virgo represents everything that goes on during our day-to-day lives: work, routine, habits, responsibility, health, mindset, and our physical bodies. New moons bring new beginnings, which is why they’re the perfect moon phase to plant seeds and set intentions. Think of a new moon phase as a really strong foundation for the next six months. For the record, 17 degrees is a critical degree in mutable signs, so the energy of Virgo will be emphasized during this lunation. Are you ready for a fresh start? Take advantage of this Virgoan energy and start a healthy routine.


When I got a closer look at the upcoming new moon, I noticed that there will be seven planets in earth and three in water. This is really unusual, and I’ll explain why. For starters, each of the elements represent something different in our lives, and two of those astrological elements will be present during this new moon. There’s the element earth, which represents reality and stability, and the element water: our intuition and emotions. Air represents logic, and fire is action, so without these two elements in the picture, during the new moon, some of us might feel a bit stuck or perhaps stagnant. However, rest assured, all of this earth energy is helping us get grounded. Sure, it could be a bit ruthless, but getting centered is essential to our peace of mind.


During this magical lunation, the new moon will sextile lucky Jupiter, bringing luck and expansion into our lives. This energy is ideal for starting something new, considering Jupiter’s abundance and enthusiasm. Also, given that Jupiter is transiting through Scorpio, our growth can be both physical and spiritual. On the dark side, however, this new moon will also be making a strong opposition to elusive Neptune, so make sure you take off your rose-colored glasses during this time, as this transit could spark unnecessary confusion.

Jupiter will also be making a lucky sextile to powerful Pluto, so rest assured, there is a positive transformation in the horizon, stargazers. However, be mindful of your intentions during this time, as they have the cosmic potential of becoming something life-changing. Speaking of power, the new moon will also make a harmonious trine to secretive Pluto, and this could spark a sudden urge to get answers. Stay tuned, as there are more secrets coming to the light.

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