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Twin Flame,Third Dimension and Telepathy

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Twin flame and telepathy are made for each other – one is the other’s strength and even the head is not spared. Does this sound like a twin connection or more than that? Twin flames are the same energy beings divided into a male energy and a female energy, which are derived from the same core source.

They are just too similar that the pull is similar to that of a magnet. If one is happy, the other feels the happy ripples, and if one is sad, the other too is down in the dumps. This sensing irrespective is where the two chose to incarnate on planet Earth. The twins may not have met formally, but will still feel the other’s emotion, thoughts and energy. In fact, the presence of the other twin is so strong that it’s almost like being with the other half all the time on an energetic level.

Sometimes, you may find the energy envelope so intense that it seems as if the other half has literally teleported themselves to your base station! This placement can get a little intense since you actually find yourself talking, laughing and giggling to this other half of your energy being all the time to the utter disbelief of those who may be observing you.

You cannot explain much to those non-believers in regards to how the twin flame phenomena works. However, you can surely count your blessings when you discover this rare find that the universe chose to align you with!

There are some alignments where the twin flame has an option to be one in this very lifetime. Perhaps, if they are lucky, they will be lifelong partners. Sometimes, one individual is already committed in a marriage, and then the other will still give that one the much needed strength to carry on and vice versa.

Sometimes, divorces and separation occurs if the soul of each of the twin flames decides to gravitate towards the other for completing the soul agenda. All these movements are decided as soul contracts by the twin flames before they incarnated on planet Earth.

The twin flame’s reunion may seem like true love or a romantic union, so to speak, but there is a flipside to it. The reunion can be highly challenging and wild at times. These unions will trigger you to live your highest destiny and one may say walk on fire yet thankfully surrounded by love!

One may question why would twin flames choose to live on the edge? Well, it is more like they are divinely tested to that extent that they exude crystal light and pure unconditional love. To really exude unconditional love, one needs to refine one self and let the diamond within unfold. Doing so is quite a path!

With that being said, what is the level of telepathy one shares with their twin? The head connection or telepathic connection is so strong that one twin can read the mind of the other even if they are based in two different continents across the globe.

They can almost hear each other out loud and sometimes even see each other across distance. This is possible because both the twins are highly evolved human beings with strong psychic senses and sometimes very powerful psychic ability. If for some reason they do not join together for the incarnation, they will be a walking, talking guide to the other through their journey in this lifetime.

Does the third dimension reality support such unconventional relationships and unions? It’s very difficult for the people who are still restrained by the third dimensional facade to welcome or comprehend the twin flame reunion. Twin flame unions are the union of energy, which is the merging of the shiv and shakti as they say in Hind. Such mergers are not for the faint hearted, but for the non-conformists .

This is the real true merging of souls in divine timing and in accordance with an outstanding divine plan. That is why the pretenders, conformists and the body lovers may not stand a chance here. For here, physical appearance does not matter; the energetic wavelength is what pulls the twins together – one just knows the readings and every beat of the other beyond the comprehension of all the physical senses! Those who have walked this path would vouch by its feel.

Twin flame reunions have a divine purpose to live by. Universe will heed their plea once both acknowledge and realize that they are incarnated here for fulfilling a very spiritual mission and agenda. They are individually very powerful beings, once together the power is manifested. Similar to two laser sharp rays merging and decrypting the profane from the planet, some metaphysicists have pronounced the twins as ascension masters.

Their reunion all over the world will replicate the source energy and ascend the planet to higher dimensions. More reunions of these divine mates is now taking place on Earth as our planet is gradually lifting its vibrational frequency to fifth dimensional frequency. Hail the twins, for they are the fore runners to the next dimension!

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