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Tonight’s Halloween Blue Moon Carries Surprising Spiritual Meaning

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

2020 has been trying for all of us. Even so, we must all remember that times like this lead to catharsis.

And that’s something that our world is in dire need of right now. Like this year, this Halloween Blue Moon also has its fair share of surprises.

Traditionally, Full Moons are a time of transformation. Under the Lunar event, many gain clarity on deep, and sometimes forgotten, events.

As the Full Moon graces the night sky, many secrets start to unveil themselves as well. Apart from these qualities, the coming Full Moon brings in extra elements. As everyone is aware, 31st October is also the night of Halloween.

According to Celtic tradition, the Halloween Blue Moon revives the land of the spirits. It’s a highly spiritual time that unleashes powerful energies. This Celtic celebration is also known as Samhain. It represented the end of a season.

Ancient Celts also believed that this particular event marked death in the cycle of life. Giving legitimacy to their beliefs are the many elements of nature. If we look around us, we will find leaves withering and animals going into hibernation.

And so, the Celts celebrated their departed loved ones on Samhain.

Halloween Blue Moon Will Bring The Physical And The Spirit World Closer

The Lunar event that will take place on the night of 31st October is quite a rare one. For over half a century, people have called this the time of the Blue Moon.

This Blue Moon is also occurring under the Scorpio sign. The Universe is trying to tell us something. Even the planet Pluto is in the mix. Pluto is known for transformations, death, taboo, sex, and the Underworld.

Coupled with Scorpio, they create a perfect mix of light and dark. Not to mention, their energies flowing during this Lunar event will be extraordinarily powerful.

The veil between the spirit realm and the physical world will be the thinnest during this time. However, note that darkness does not necessarily mean evil.

It’s just a different kind of energy. Think of it like the void or the subconscious. It’s the unknown spiritual realm that many of us are still unaware of.

Additionally, Uranus will be in conjunction with this Full Moon. It’s not a coincidence that Pluto and Scorpio are also involved in this Halloween Blue Moon. It will encourage you to revive your inner feminine divinity and find a balance.

This Halloween lunation, get ready to experience heightened spiritual energies.

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