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9 Effective Ways To Protect Your Energy

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by Conscious Reminder

Negativity is never pleasant to be around. Beyond that, though, it may be highly harmful and poisonous, encouraging a cynical, fatalistic, or even defeatist outlook.

You need to know how to defend yourself without becoming involved if someone at work, in a relationship, a friend, or a member of your family is sending you negative energy.

That job you supposedly loved? Although it appears to be a brilliant idea on paper, the office is a minefield of rumors, and you fear entering. That “friend” you have known for a long time?

Both the job and the person who is not truly your friend are harmful to you. You need to learn how to shield your energies from their negativity if you want to truly be living your greatest life.

Put protective symbols in or near your home

There are well-known emblems of protection in every faith and spiritual tradition. Place the one or two that speak to you on a wall, in the vicinity of an entrance, or your home’s garden.

Maintain a serene atmosphere in your house

Let me begin by expressing the obvious: maintaining domestic tranquility is not always achievable. Additionally, it is not always beneficial when a dispute or the expression of difficult emotions is necessary.

Keep protection stones in strategic locations around a room, on you, or in your automobile

A small fragment of black tourmaline should be kept in your pocket or bag, and a bit of smoky quartz should be kept in your car’s glove compartment. When a buddy placed a chunk of black onyx inside the desk to deter a difficult new boss from approaching their desk, the manager stopped coming over! 

Invite the angels

If you have nightmares, are sleeping in a strange place like a motel, or feel apprehensive about going to sleep, this archangel may even be a great sleep aid for certain energy-sensitive persons. 

Maintain orderly, visually pleasant, and tidy settings

Unwanted energies might be drawn to clutter, an abundance of rubbish or dust, and several damaged things. It is not about being an extreme minimalist or tidy freak. Simply take little steps to maintain order and cleanliness, such as making your bed, filling the dishwasher, or sorting stacks of invoices.

Utilize the vitality of unused rooms by filling them with natural light and noise

Perhaps you picture your bed, which is covered with comfortable covers. Perhaps it is that hike-friendly trail. Your battery will be greatly recharged if you sit quietly for a full minute with your eyes closed, breathing deeply, and picturing that place in as much sensory detail as you can.

Cleanse a space physically, or use smoke, noise, or water to clear the energy in the area

My preferred method for clearing a space’s energy is to give it a surface- or even deep-clean. By ringing a bell, lighting natural incense, or using aromatherapy, you may also purify the energy of a room.

Gain the ability to say no to save your energy

You transform into your superhero by refusing when the response is yes but it is not genuine. To develop your stamina for saying no in greater ways, practice saying no in tiny ways.

Follow all common sense and recommended precautions

Studies have shown that following basic safety precautions, such as locking doors and windows, turning on porch lights or motion-activated lights, checking financial accounts regularly, etc., is one of the greatest methods to keep your automobile, house, and digital places secure.

We have no control over a lot of things in life. Even if there is not a talisman to ward against bad luck, you may try a couple of these ideas and see whether the bad luck bothers you as much.

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