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Grounding: Planting Your Feet On The Ground

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by Conscious Reminder

Grounding is a technique in which you come in contact with the source in order to connect to your higher self. It helps in relieving stress and paves the way for spiritual clarity.

There are a number of grounding techniques and methods practiced by individuals. They all have their own benefits, but the focus should always be on how each activity makes you feel.

Here we give you a few of the ones proven to be efficient and highly beneficial: 

♦Deep breathing helps you feel relaxed and it automatically removes all the stress; while crystals, prayers beads provide different feelings to help you to reach deeper.

♦Musical chants and songs resonate with your energy and create a sense of calmness.

♦Visualization can take you to a journey to a calm place where no pain exists.

♦Physically placing your feet on the ground, hugging a tree, swimming, walking in the natural areas, sitting on the ground, etc. brings you in contact of the earth which is a great ‘sink’ for charges. It also brings you in contact with the negative ions which create a sensation of pleasure.

♦The simplest way to ground yourself is to chant ‘Om’. Just a few minutes of this exercise will bring you closer to yourself.

You can choose any of these methods. And once your physical body is relaxed, you can go deeper towards your spiritual self. Meditating at the heart center will allow you to let go of all your negative energy. It will also help you to stay clear of negativity in the future as well.

Through the heart chakra you can feel the connection to the Spirit. Once you feel this, you can allow your soul to be free and soar beyond the limitations of this physical body.

Grounding thus can help you recognize yourself. Practice it every day!

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