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Starborn Meaning: We are The Soul Sparks Of Light

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We are all starseeds, star people, starborn meaning is a term which implies that we are not created in our physical reality. Our soul has gone through a journey simultaneously in many realities, realms and timelines.

we are sparks of light having many experiences in physical reality and we all know and remember that everything is a consciousness hologram. In simple truth this is us and this is the reality we exist in. Here is some more insights into those who are starborn.

Awakened Starseeds – Starborn Meaning

Those who are starborn prefer to work in creative and spiritual fields, they are healers, helpers and truth seekers in our society. Their mission is to always find the higher knowledge and understand their purpose. It’s now 2016 and their journey is to evolve back to light.starborn meaning 1

The starseeds await a mass awakening, a evolution of consciousness in the alchemy of time. They are programmed to find others just like themselves, with the same frequency and predestined goals. Sometimes starseeds feel like they are walkins or wanderers in our reality.

Some of the starseeds adapt, Then there are those who feel lost and alone, become depressed and they decide to withdraw from society feeling like no one understands them.

More On Starborn Meaning

While scientists will question this belief, they can’t disapprove it either. You just know and you feel it and no explanation is necessary. These are some of the thoughts that are locked in your cellular memory as you begin to recall who you are, what your purpose is here and where you came from.

Starseeds are Empaths

Many of the empaths are absorbing the negative energies that is imposed by the ruling elites. Starseeds have the ability to sense energy signatures of different planets and solar systems and naturally know that this planet is not their home.starborn meaning 2

Many starseeds are not happy with the fear based propaganda on Earth and are beginning to remember the love vibrations from their home planet. Which makes this incarnation very difficult for many starseeds because the love vibration is much denser here than where they came from.

Starborn is who we are, we still know and feel our starseed lineage, slowly starseeds on earth are awakening and taking on many roles to guide, to heal and help Earth.

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