Can Animals Be Telepathic Mediums?

by Conscious Reminder

In nature, we often find animals to be more sensitive and responsive to spirits than humans. Animals are also better attuned with energetic frequencies.

But why are humans, the more evolved beings, not so sensitive to these? As humans leave their childhood behind, we tend to develop unconscious blocking mechanisms. Unfortunately, most of us alienate our natural abilities instead of honing them.

On the contrary, animals are known to be quite empathic and can act as mediums at times as well. It might be their innocence that leads them closer to the Divine, which helps them develop a deeper understanding of the worlds of humans and spirits.

We tend to dismiss mediumship in animals as genetic memory or instinct. But it’s been observed that animals can make use of energy transference to communicate with other beings.

In order to communicate with other souls, be it in other humans, animals, or spirits, we not only use vocalization, body language, facial expressions, but also telepathy. This metaphysical language can be utilized via sensation, images, and understanding.

Animals have the ability to communicate inter-dimensionally since they are more accepting of their intuition. But humans resort to fear, doubt, misuse, and other such barriers, which stops them from connecting with spirits.

Just as humans have individual gifts, animals too are individualistic in their gifts and powers. Even among them exist young and old souls, which guides their understanding of the universe. Be it their spiritual mastery or innocent understanding, it all helps us develop a better understanding of heart-based telepathy.

The Animal Vision

It is a fact that human vision is not as advanced as our animal counterparts. We need tools like night vision goggles, full-spectrum cameras, and others in our search for the other-worldly. But animals have these “tools” incorporated and this helps in their “mediumship”.

Let’s talk about our favorite pets first! Cats and dogs have more sensitive eyes- they have better resolution, more biosensors, and act as great motion sensors. Cat’s are known to have 6x better vision in the dark than humans.

Lizards have multifocal eyes, can see colors in the dark vividly, and have 350x better night vision than humans. Mantis shrimps are sensitive to colors unknown to humans since they carry 16 color receptors.

This also helps them to see polarized infrared and circular polarized light. The little mouse also has great optical prowess. They can move their eyes independently on both the horizontal and vertical axes!

Animals as mediums?

The answer to this question is not so simple. Science has shown that animals are more sensitive than some of the most highly sensitive humans.

The next time you hear a friend say their pet understands their feelings and thoughts without direct communication, you better believe them! Most animals have psychic and empathic abilities, which science is yet to fully understand.

Empathy and Animals

It is already proven that animals have various types of intelligence. And every species has varying degrees of development of the brain. But many of their capabilities are difficult for humans to ascertain due to our gap in communication.

Many human mediums and spiritualists support the theory that dogs can see souls and spirits. These are the people who contact the beings from other realms, and surely their word has its weight upon the matter.

Many scholars opine that a “psychic phenomenon, in fact, in the fullness of its semantic connotation, is that of intellectual effect, in which the sensitive actually functions as the communication channel between the incarnated and the discarnate.”

But this concept makes it difficult to consider animals as mediums since they don’t have intellectual capacity. “For intelligent communication, there is a need for an intelligent intermediary, and that is the spirit of the medium.” They say that animals cannot reproduce transmitted thoughts nor interpret them.

Yet, there is not much proof to say that animals don’t have mediumistic abilities. Maybe they are in fact mediums, but they cannot communicate that information with humans in the way humans can understand.

2 faculty scientists from the University of Nevada, Beatrix Garner and Allen Garner, taught sign language to a gorilla. The gorilla was able to express grammatically correct phrases, feelings of anger, solidarity, jealousy, compassion, and even humor. The gorilla was able to transfer this knowledge to other members of her group, which included pups. This proved that they can even reproduce learned information.

While this topic still needs further research, the information we have till now says a lot. Maybe someday humans will be willing to accept that animals, in fact, can be mediums.

The ability is there and with time, its interpretation and transmission too shall be more intelligible to humans!

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