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Ringing Ears And Other Symptoms Of Kundalini Activation

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by Conscious Reminder

When your Kundalini is in the process of getting activated, there are going to be many physical signs of this change that you will notice. One of these signs is a ringing sensation in your ears.

What I want to make clear from the start is that this is not connected to the medical condition called Tinnitus. If you believe you have this, please look for a doctor’s advice or assistance.

When our kundalini is about to be awakened, we feel a surge of energy coursing through our body. This energy is crucial for bringing about the change. This energy gives boost to the Kundalini energy which unfurls when acted upon by this force.

This would mean that all our chakras will be receiving and processing a lot more energy than they are used to. Among these chakras are also the third eye chakra and the throat chakra.

It is the hyperactivity in these two chakras which causes this sensation in our ears. Even among them, the former has more effect on the ringing, because it is the primary chakra which rules the senses.

Other effects, as per the different chakras include:

  • When the root chakra is facing a surge of energy running through it, it kick-starts our survival mechanisms. Thus you will get jitters and anxiety.
  • When the sacral chakra is overactive, it makes us greedy for the base and materialistic pleasures. You’d binge eat, or drink and would be vulnerable to addiction. You’d feel like indulging yourself more than is usual.
  • An overactive solar plexus chakra focuses all our attention on our own ego. It will make you selfish because you’d give priority to your needs over others, always.
  • As opposed to the solar plexus chakra, an overactive heart chakra makes you completely selfless and you will always keep the needs of others, even if it comes at the cost of self-sacrifice. You’d feel the need to liver others and be loved back so empowering that you will forget everything else.
  • When the throat chakra is imbalanced it will make you speak more, even babble without listening to others.
  • The senses get disrupted when the third eye chakra is overactive. It includes hearing, and also vision, sensitivity to light, etc.
  • And an awakening in the kundalini allowed us to find our way to the spirituality which we possess and which is dormant in our crown chakra. It will help us find our connection to the spiritual plane.

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