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5 Ways You Can Connect With Your Guardian Angels

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 by Conscious Reminder

Irrespective of your faith or belief, your spiritual guides are sending messages to you.

Amongst all the spiritual guides, the guardian angels serve the most important function customized for you. They show you the right path throughout your life and give beneficial messages.

Most times we are too busy to pay attention to these subtle signs in life and lose out on significant messages given to us by the angels who are our well-wishers.

For instance, feathers are considered the favorite signals left on earth by guardian angels. Each person can choose to follow and believe them or not.

However, if you embrace these signs and the presence of guardian angels, then you can open up more ways to communicate with the divine in this physical world.

We have compiled 5 ways that might forge a connection between you and your guardian angel regularly.

I. Look out for strong physical or emotional sensations

A physical signal like a sudden breeze or goosebumps is a message. Emotional experiences like overwhelming feelings of support or love might wash over us. These strong and sudden signs must not be ignored as they can save us from forthcoming problems or show us the right paths.

II. Unique Sounds

Angels often try to send messages through buzzing sounds in our ears. It usually happens during stress. Try to find a pattern and understand the meaning. Our angels try to remind us to calm down.

III. Soothing Smells

Often we receive unexpected smells that are soothing and cannot find the source of it. This might be a sign from the guardian angels to refresh our senses and take things slowly in life.

IV. Unexpected Sweet Taste

We receive unprecedented energy from the sweet taste of nectar that suddenly comes into our mouths. This might be a sweet gift from our angels and a reminder that we must focus on the finer aspects of life at times.

V. Inner Eye Vision

Spiritually heightened moments often open our third eye chakra or inner eye and we receive visions of our angels. This is the clearest message from the guardian angels who try to send crucial signs to us.

How To Understand Who Is Our Guardian Angel?

There are several practices that might help us to tune into our own angel including meditation or indulging in creative work.

We can also take out time from our busy schedule of work and do things that we truly enjoy. This will unburden us from the stress and help us focus on the more important things rather than professional work.

Spending quiet time alone also helps in clearing our minds and understanding ourselves better.

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