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4 Ways To Embrace A Spiritual Journey

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A traumatic experience opens your eyes and your heart to life in a way you never imagined. The energy that follows in the form of a spiritual journey is so intense, so certain, and so sure.

A few years back, I lived through a series of traumatic events that changed me completely.

Living through those moments gave me an entirely new outlook on what was important in my life. It allowed me to view the world with fresh new eyes, that only sought out love, spirit, and joy.

With these new eyes came a new perspective and new thoughts on what my life could be. I felt an internal calling that I couldn’t make sense of or explain. It was this desire to connect with something outside of myself. It was a loving presence that I could feel surrounding me, yet could not fully understand its meaning or reason for being there.

While at first, I was very unsure of what was happening, over time I realized I was experiencing a spiritual awakening. I was longing for a deeper, more personal relationship with God and the Universe. After feeling the presence of my whole life hanging in the balance, I yearned for a conversation with my creator and to understand our relationship more than I ever had before.

  1. A longing for silence.

I felt an intense calling to silence and meditation. Funny thing is, I had never meditated before and really had no clue what I was doing. It didn’t matter. The moment I sat in silence I felt completely at peace. There was this calming presence in my spirit and all the worries, stress, and anxieties I carried started to fade away. Quieting those fears opened up space for a new calming energy that in an instant I knew, was God’s presence and love.

  1. Called to create. 

One of the most surprising parts of my spiritual journey has been the calling for creative expression. I had a busy corporate career, a family to take care of, and health issues to deal with. Who had time for arts and crafts? Brushing this feeling aside did nothing to make it go away. My spirit had been held back for so long. It wanted to create and to explore. It wanted to write and dance and play. As soon as I took one step through that door, the floodgates opened.  Allowing myself to explore my creative ability has brought out a side of myself that I did not even know existed.

  1. A new career path. 

I really did try to ignore the calling to a new career. I knew I felt a change was needed and I had these crazy ideas of what I could see myself doing, but still I’d dismiss them thinking there was no way any of those things could be possible. Ignoring intuition for me equaled severe depression. I worked hard to get to where I was, how could I possibly start all over again at this stage in my life? The whole notion seemed ludicrous. Yet the more I fought against it, the harder it fought to get my attention. I walked around each day, with this heaviness inside I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I could feel in the depths of my spirit that I was not fulfilling my purpose. I knew this was important to my journey but I could not understand how.  When I finally quieted down and listened to my intuition, I started trusting in what I was hearing and in God’s plans for me. Following that love has been the bravest and most rewarding decision I have made in my life.

  1. A walk in the woods.

I’ve always loved being outdoors and exploring in nature. This was different. It was this intense energy, this presence, this feeling, this constant pull to remove myself from the daily hustle and bustle and to get outdoors. When I walk along the beach, or hike in the woods, or sit at a park, I feel surrounded by love. I feel complete and as if I am meant to be there. I feel a deep connection and a closeness to spirit unlike anything I experienced before. I believe especially during my most difficult moments, I was being called there so I could listen. Places away from the chaos, where I could quiet the world around me and allow the intuitive messages to be my guides.

As I think back before all the trauma, I see many instances of spirit surrounding me and trying to get my attention. I honestly was just too busy to notice before. I ignored the calling and continued doing what I felt was practical and safe with my life.

A traumatic experience opens your eyes and your heart to life in a way you never imagined. The energy that follows in the form of a spiritual journey is so intense, so certain, and so sure. My spiritual path continues and I now fully embrace every step of that journey. I know now that intuition is never wrong or leading you in a false direction, rather it is guiding you towards your purpose and finding your light to share with the world.

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