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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best May 13 Week

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by Conscious Reminder

Regardless of what happens in our lives, our Universe bursts with color and radiates the most graceful and the softest beauty.

The season of Taurus is about to come, and it will encourage us to nurture ourselves, take self-care, or enjoy this world through our five senses.

Right now, the planet of luxury and love Venus, also entered in the sign of Taurus, coloring our love life in pink, and enshrining our bank accounts with gold.

The week that starts today, the 13th of May, 2019, is going to be probably the best one for three signs of the Zodiac: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. These three signs are in the middle of the most exciting and empowering time.

This week, our Sun formed a powerful trine with two planets, Saturn, the planet of permanent goals and karma, and Pluto, the planet of destruction and creation. Since the two of them are retrograde at the moment, we are going to experience a massive metamorphosis from within.

Also, remaining stagnant will not be an option anymore. We are going to feel inspired and restless to change ourselves for the best, but we have the ability to create some lasting improvements.

Our life path will be illuminated with the Scorpio Full Moon, supported by the North Node’s guiding light and the spiritual planet Neptune. We should follow that light, as we are learning what our true purpose could be.

Taurus – Inspired To Spread Your Wings

The people born under this sign are really feeling themselves, and this is related to the planets Mercury and Venus, and also the Sun being in their first house of self. They are in accordance with their strengths and talents, which will only increase their confidence.

When the planet Venus conjuncts the planet Uranus, one of change and rebellion, on the 18th of May, they are going to crave freedom or feel free from previous perspectives.

The upcoming Full Moon is going to shine some magic all over their social sectors, in that way bringing them closer to individuals that inspire them or bring them positive opportunities.

They should release themselves from relationships which hold them back and pay more attention to those people that come in their lives with some beauty and motivation to share.

Virgo – A Journey Full Of Adventure and Creativity 

Philosophical pursuits and adventure are on the mind of Virgos, right now when the planets Venus and Mercury, together with the Sun, are in their ninth house of spiritual expansion and higher learning.

They should break completely free from their inhabiting mindsets. Uranus, which is the planet of change and freedom, will join the planet Venus on the 18th of May, causing their desire for different things.

On the 13th of May, our Sun forms the trine with Pluto, the truth-seeking planet, and Saturn, the committed one, which is present in Virgos’ fifth house related to pleasure and fun.

They are going to experience creative resurgences, and learn how they can sprinkle spontaneity and magic into their hard work. They want to be proud of themselves so that they can enjoy themselves.

Capricorn – Your Efforts Are Finally Paying Off

Capricorns are in the middle of an unbelievably joyful and fun time. Romance swirls through their lives, while passion playfully grips them.

With both Mercury and Venus, together with the Sun being in their fifth house related to creative expansion, they will let loose or let some colorful opportunities and possibilities find them.

When the unconventional Uranus meshes its energies with Venus on the 18th of May, inspiration is probably going to strike them when they aren’t expecting.

With Pluto and Saturn moving through their first house related to their selves as they keep through retrograde, Capricorns will grow as individuals and feel introspective about their purpose and identity.

As of the 13th of May, these two planets are going to form a trine with the Sun, in that way revealing a more colorful side of Capricorns than they even thought. They should keep their mind open about who are they actually.

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