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How To Tell If You Are Channeling

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

In today’s world, the incidence of people harnessing the Universe’s mind in their regular activities is steadily increasing. People in greater numbers are tapping into their very own guidance every day.

But one might ask, “How can I find out if I am doing this too?” It probably would strike anyone as a peculiar question, to say the least. Channeling is going to seem really unsettling and uncertain. It will seem like you might have just made this concoction up!

But don’t worry. Here are some signs which will help you find you if you are channeling:

9 Indications of Channeling:

1. It is possible you will feel very emotional. This can be after the info is revealed or even during the process. It is caused because of the residues of ‘lower-vibration’ emotions which are still present in you during the channeling time. They are flushed out by higher frequencies which enter your being.

2. You have quite possibly been talking or writing about subjects you do not have a complete understanding of. It is entirely possible that you are yet to catch up with it, which is why it is pretty darn confusing. It is likely the information will clarify itself sooner or later. What you must remember is to have faith in the words. Generic rationality is not going to help you much here.

3. It is difficult or rather impossible to ascertain how it is that you know, but what you do know is irrevocably the truth.

4. Quite possibly, you will come across others that have written things that are similar. This might seem creepy initially, but you are finally tweaking into the collective consciousness of us all.

5. The accent or vocal tone that you speak in is likely to alter. Archaic language and lesser contractions might start making an appearance.

6. Your intentions to speak or write about something lead you to end up writing or speaking about something entirely different.

7. The energy required to keep up with the enormous flow of words is going to make you feel exhausted. But you will continually feel connected and energized while writing and speaking like never before.

8. You will find yourself in positions that you will feel amazed by your own work when you come back to it later. It might feel awkward to think that it was indeed you who is the creator of that work.

9. People will connect to the words you give out even though the questions have not been asked. It’s just relatable to them. All of this is signaling the fact that you might just be tapping into the collective mind.

This experience should be one of joy and one that embraces the connection. The occurrence represents a means to join with our Higher-Mind as well as the collective consciousness.

It is significant for individuals to speak or even write what they experience because all of it comes to us in many ways. The sharing of our experiences will only serve to enrich the experience of others, as well as our very own in the process.

The process is bound to become clearer and easier as time goes by. The guides that have embraced you will show themselves in some manner or another.

In case you feel there is a disconnect after that first connection, don’t force the connection. Let it come back naturally. Keep writing, keep speaking, and keep creating.

The further you put yourself out there, the more chances you are creating for yourself to delve into the Universal consciousness. But the most important fact of all, make sure you enjoy it!

What do you think? Are you really channeling?

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