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Someone Removed The Background Music From Queen, The Result…Stunning!

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

You don’t have to be a Queen’s fan to appreciate his Musical Highness Freddie Mercury. I bet we have all been, at least once in our lifetimes, mesmerized by his incredible voice. Queen’s evergreen hits like Bohemian Rhapsody, Show Must Go On, We Are The Champions and many others stand among the best musical masterpieces ever crated.

Freddie Mercury’s voice was and still is considered one of the greatest voices on Earth. With his unbelievable 4 octave range he literally was able to hit and hold every note perfectly. Freddie’s range went from bass’s F2 to soprano’s F6, and he also had the amazing ability to be constantly pitch perfect even when he was jumping on stage.

A less know fact is that Freddie was a very talented songwriter and lyricist as well, being the author behind most of Queen’s songs.

Lucky for us, a YouTube user came up with the idea to remove the backgroud music from the We Are The Champions song, making it even easier for us to appreciate the amazing voice of Freddie Mercury. Let yourself be amazed and enjoy!

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