Telltale Signs You’re No Longer Comfortable In Your Comfort Zone

by Kelly Pethick
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. ∼ Neale Donald Walsch

Being addicted to comfort and harmony is intrinsic to a human being, obvious as it may sound. Our sophisticated yet quite primitive nature innately craves for a steady and peaceful day-to-day environment that gives us the soothing sense of familiarity, safety, and serenity.

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A Zone of Decay?

The comfort zone, one of the most passionately discussed phenomena of modern life, serves as an asylum where we shield ourselves from the imposing dangers and harms of the age of technology. And stepping out of this bubble, which would entail some changes in your invariable routine, is reckoned by the everyman as the most debilitating threat. People are too comfy tethering themselves to their mundane trivia and too anxious to expand their everyday “cubicles” and explore new depths of self-progress.

When Your Comfort Zone Gets Discomforting

But the life beyond your own personal Groundhog Day can give you an infinite expanse for accomplishing your cherished objectives, broadening the horizons of your undiscovered capabilities and talents. Locking yourself in the frowzy space of your room, with your dreams and longings abandoned in the jaded posters on its walls, on the contrary, puts you on the path of social and mental disintegration.

What’s most disturbing about this is that you may not even realize you’re being smothered by your comfort zone and need to splinter it for good. And, just so you know, there are some revealing signs your comfort zone is getting the best of you. Find out if you’re experiencing anything from our list!

Sign 1: You Procrastinate

It’s quite typical of every individual to put off their work and household chores, especially for those prioritizing rest time. But if you notice that postponing is becoming considerable and intrusive, then this edgy practice must signal that there’s something wrong with your life. Procrastination occurs when there’s a case you have to deal with but are unwilling to do so. And, if there are many of them in your life, be sure to take a different look at your lifestyle.

Sign 2: You Doubt Yourself

Questioning your capacity and worth is another sign that you might want to make changes in your life. If you restrain your everyday performance to a few repeated and well-known rituals you do at work and home, you will start wondering if you’re capable of something beyond these habitual practices your prosaic living requires.

Sign 3: You Feel Discontent for No Reason

Well, it may just seem to you that there’s no reason for it. What other explanation could you come up with if this upsetting feeling emerged from nowhere, following no evident experience that may have caused it?

And if you start to feel down and dismayed in your comfort zone out of the blue, the cause most probably lies in the “comfort” itself. It is the mundanity of your humdrum days and habits that is destroying you. In this regard, spicing up your ordinary living would be an effective solution to defeating the plague of your daily grind.

Sign 4: You Complain

This is by far the most striking sign of your being stuck in your everyday rut. Pleased though you may be with your work, the repetitiveness of the duties you perform within the vicious circle of your routine is the factor that still sparks dissatisfaction in you. And regular complaints about your ups and downs is what the dissatisfaction manifests itself in.

Alas, for many, complaining is more welcome than eliminating the cause of being unhappy. And if you learn to focus on coping with the stress your comfort zone subjects you to, the changes you see in your life will be drastic and awe-inspiring. Just for the record, to eradicate the source of your complaints in this regard, you need to compromise staying in your comfort zone.

In Conclusion

Clinging to our comfort zone is what binds humanity together, with this phenomenon being one of the leading markers of a routine-driven, easily controlled society. This human fad can also be viewed as a defective fallout of the most convenient course of social development.

Yes, it’s so unlikely that this world would keep going if everyone took the path similar to Elon Musk or Bill Gates, so, to function properly, this planet needs to be fueled by the servants of the working class. And realizing that the comfort you receive in your comfort zone is rather debilitating and destructive will make you question if you really want to belong to this prevailing social category and stay in your dreary room, intimidated by the dusty posters showing what your life could be. 

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