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Nurture And Cherish Your Relationship In These 10 Ways

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A year into your relationship and you could be on a slippery slope. The reasons could be many. But here are a few ideas that could help you evolve and nourish your relationship.

1.Concede Defeat For A Greater Cause

If there are minor issues that you can’t resolve just consider it as a small battle lost to win the war.

2. Share Their Interests

If they into sports, learn a few rules and techniques and learn which one is their favorite team. If they are into artistic pursuits, make sure you genuinely try to follow through. They will be overwhelmed and you can expect a willing and helping hand in all other spheres.

3. Let There Be Love In Your Words, Thoughts, And Deeds

Do not equate love with just sex. Smother them with love in everything you do, be it a dish or a surprise gift. It will surely spruce up your love life.

4. Have Fun And Be Frisky And Mischievous

Cheer up. Have a song on your lips and love in your heart. Get away from it all for a change. Keep the joy alive amidst all the pain.

£5. Commemorate Your Partner’s Goodness

Speak up about all that you see good in your partner till you exhaust your list. Go on with this tête-à-tête till you have exhausted your list of goodness.

6. Learn To Be Thankful

A good deed deserves a thank you. Always. Learn to focus on what is good for your partner and act accordingly.

7. Don’t Squirm From Outside Help

Try every means possible to resolve an issue and do not hesitate to seek the help of elders or professionals if that will help get the relationship back on track. Own up to your mistakes. Unresolved problems tend to follow you around until you look them in the eye.

8. Walk The Extra Mile

It isn’t easy but it could save your relationship. A few personal compromises could mean a world of difference. Maybe not on the level of  Dana’s love and devotion for Christopher Reeve, but then again, why not?

9. Every Relationship Needs Some Space To Breathe

Let your partner get some time off the relationship and let them be. And you will get a similar treatment in return. It will inject some much-needed oxygen into every relationship and the bond will be stronger than ever before.

10. Adore And Admire Each Other

This comes naturally when a relationship is nurtured at every step. Let no dark shadow creep in between you both. Be there for each other and grow together even as you smile through everything that life throws at you.

Your relationship may be floundering or you can be blissfully unaware of life’s travails, but these 10 resolutions will strengthen your relationship and give it a longer life span.

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