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How To Tune Into The Spirit World

by consciousreminder
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We are all psychic.

Whether you believe it or not – you were born with this deep seated intuitiveness. Having said that, we can all learn to play the piano but we may not all reach Mozart’s level.

However, it’s not about being a medium or psychic. Rather, it is about self-actualization and your own spiritual growth and advancement.

Ask yourself:

“What am I learning about myself?”

The ability to talk with a spirit and/or be psychic is like a muscle. It absolutely gets stronger with time and practice. The challenge for most is not being psychic but rather believing that they are.

Connecting with the spirit world is much like tuning into a radio frequency. When tuning into the spirit world you will be raising your vibrational frequency as spirits then lower theirs — so you both meet in the middle.

Golden rules for tuning into the spirit world:

  • This journey is unique and highly individual. Honor that.
  • Say what you see. Too often students are afraid to say what they are seeing or recognize it as truth. In so doing they lose valuable and meaningful information. What you are receiving always has meaning.
  • First-come, first truth. As you open this door, trust what comes first. This will be what is most accurate.

Here are five steps to connect with the spirit world:

1. Set your intention

State out loud your intention to open the door to speak and receive messages from the spirit world, be it on a personal level or in a formal reading session.

The Universe has heard you.

There is a divine plan much greater than you in this intention. Now, let it now be brought to you.

2. Meditation

In your daily meditation be sure to quiet your logical, analyzing, left brain. Say “hello” and then “goodbye” to your left brain. Make an agreement with your left brain that you will reconvene another time.

Meditation and quieting your mind will assist in quicker and clearer connection with spirit.

3. Listen

Listening for signs, symbols and messages throughout your day is the next step in this journey. These may come in your dreams, in song, in synchronistic-like events in your day that strike you as coincidence.

But coincidence is non-existent.

Have you ever been thinking of your loved one and reminded of the very special favorite song you two shared, then later that day you heard it on the radio?

Indeed, this was your loved one.

4. Create a reading screen

Let’s start with your clairvoyance ability.

The reading screen is your viewing receptacle. It is where will receive images and pictures through which spirit may communicate. Using your mind’s eye, imagine a large movie screen out in front of you. Give it a grounding cord and secure it to the center of the earth.

Now, ask your question. Or, ask for a message from spirit.

Don’t demand, just ask. Let the answer come. Did you get black? Great! Black is a color. The first image that comes will be your answer, be it symbol or literal.

5. Use your “clair” abilities

Connecting with the spirit world requires the use of all of your senses: taste, touch, smell, hear, and see. We have what is known as “clair” abilities. This involves us taking our physical senses to a higher spiritual level. I call this heightened sensing. We have seven clair abilities:

  • Clairvoyance – Clear seeing
  • Claircognizance – Clear knowing
  • Clairauditory – Clear hearing
  • Clairgustance – Clear tasting
  • Clairolfactory – Clear smelling
  • Clairsentience – Clear feeling
  • Clairkinesthesia – Clear touching

I highly encourage seeking out of specific meditations to assist you in opening these abilities. This will be the doorway through which your connection with spirit becomes stronger.

Some things to remember…

As your connection to spirit grows, your dreams will be one of the best ways to receive messages. Before you go to bed at night, simply ask spirit to come.

Then, expect and intend their arrival, albeit on their time. Pay attention to the last dream before you wake and notice any colors, symbols, words and people that present.

You will know it is your loved one present because the dream is very colorful and vivid.

You are the vehicle – the mechanism – that is making this be.

It is invaluable to spend time in development with others of like-mind, learning and growing. Find qualified teachers. Learn about how energy works. Understand chakras and auras. This all becomes your foundation.

Good luck and have fun with this! Opening this door will change you in many wonderful ways!

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