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Twin Flames: Pulling and Pushing

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In the pulling and pushing phase, you will mainly have to deal with sensations of homesickness, the feeling of being amputated, and you cannot understand why the love between you seems to have ‘ended’ so suddenly. An ‘ending’ is, of course, a creation of the brain, because the brain constantly tries to find ‘reasons and understanding’.

You simply cannot explain with your logically reasoning brain. And that is, certainly, perfectly human. However, it will not work. And the fact that this will not work is the complete and utter truth, because Twins are energetically one, on a soul level.

When you (seemingly) are hurt by your Twin, this can cause the well-known pulling and pushing, also known as the ‘runner and chaser’ dynamic. We are programmed for this phase of ‘running and chasing’, and of course this does serve a purpose. But at a certain point, the perfect Universal moment, the phase of pulling and pushing stops.

After this, if concluded in your blueprint, you go into the bridging period. If this bridging period occurs after the pulling and pushing phase, it means you are not ready to commit to a relationship on a human level: a ‘journey inwards’ is an absolute necessity.

Before you incarnated on earth, you have decided together which roads you would walk. Especially this often causes misunderstanding, tension and confusion. Try to remain centered, in your own power and observe intuitively.

It is a fallacy to think of your Twin as someone who could hurt you. Try to look at the incomplete, not-healed parts of yourself. Those are your main lessons! The integration process will take time. Rome was not built in a day either, you see? Open yourself up, undergo, experience.

Many Twin Flames are convinced that it is the other, or the connection itself causing so much pain, but what they do not realize is that it’s really themselves. So, when you attract each other, and then push away again, you experience over and over the ‘conditional’ love brings the incomplete, not-healed parts of yourself to the surface. Even though you do not see each other (a lot)  in this phase.

To eventually achieve unity (on a physical level) basically, the awakening of both the male and female consciousness and your own wholeness is necessary. Everything deep within you is connected to emotional pain, not feeling loved or accepted.

Therefore, you are presented with a chance to heal this. Also, you ‘learn’ how to function separately from your Twin, to feel just as good and whole alone as with them. When you can cherish your Twin from joy, love them unconditionally and are able to naturally allow them to walk their own paths, you have gained another Universal diploma.

Never forget the energetic exchange from that very first moment, the very first time you locked eyes. The moment you felt yourself coming home. You cannot rationalize this away. Always remain centered, within your own energy.

It already requires enough of you to remain standing to begin with: a lot is being expected from you. You are to renew the image of love, and aside from that you are expected to show this love. You will be left with many question marks, but turn these question marks into exclamation marks. In short: keep having faith and surrender. You cannot influence the process, and you cannot influence your Twin.

You are to lift the veil of illusion, and the veil of separation because you are always one with your Twin Flame. The connection of the soul is the actual truth of this bond.

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