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5 Unusual Ways To Unlock The Doorway To The Unknown Realm Of Your Mind

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Over centuries, scientists have been debating over the human mind. The classical Greek philosopher also mentioned about the realm of the mind which is unknown.

The study took a medical and scientific turn when scientists like Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung got involved in its research.

The unknown realm is the powerhouse of all the dreams we see and also the birthplace of our imaginations.

Due to the advancement of science in the recent years, dreams have found their scientific symbolism and interpretation too.

Having said all of this, here are the 5 bizarre ways to unlock the unknown realm of your mind:

1. Rituals

Unconsciousness is said to have mystical associations. Some mystical ceremonies have the ability to trigger the unconsciousness.

India has seen these rituals being performed often and one of them is the ‘Kapalik’ tradition.

There is a ritual in which one has to sit in an enclosed space filled with smoke to unleash the repressed thoughts of one’s own unconscious.

2. Dreaming

A dream is basically a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.

We often dream of our deep buried desired which we are otherwise afraid to speak out loud about.

A well-known poet named Samuel Coleridge had dreamt of an entire poem which later on became one of his most famous works. The poem was named “Kubla Khan”.

3. Hypnotherapy

Franz Friedrich Anton Mesmer was a German physician with an interest in astronomy. He also invented Hypnosis.

This is one of the most dangerous ways to unlock the unknown realms of your mind and should not be tried for fun as it is very tough to reverse.

4. Incubation Chamber

It represents a human womb. It is the situation in which a person loses his rationality and is cut from normal judging and understanding patterns.

A person tends to lose his self-consciousness and it no longer aware of his whereabouts.

5.Yoga And Meditation

Yoga and meditations have always been known for being the ideal way of unlocking the unknown realm as it makes you lose connectivity from the conventional world and helps you focus on a more universal yet self-based picture.

You derive peace from it.

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