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Divination And Fortune Telling: The Art Of Scrying

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Scrying is a form of divination or fortune telling based on visions seen in a particular medium or object. The most common image of scrying is the stereotypical gypsy fortune teller staring into a crystal ball in order to predict the client’s future.

The famed seer and Prophet Nostradamus used a bowl of water as a scrying tool to obtain his visions. While scrying won’t always give exact predictions it can be very useful for working with visions, images and developing your intuition. Learning and practicing scrying is fun and easy!


There are many tools or mediums you can use for scrying. The most common is a crystal ball or very large crystal stone. You can also use a bowl of water or gaze into a fountain or pool. A mirror can also be used for scrying. Other options include using a candle and studying its flame. Gazing at the smoke from a campfire or fire bowl will also work.

Scrying is an exercise in patience and persistence. Most of all it can help you to develop and trust your intuition.

Even Mother Nature has opportunities available for scrying. Any calm and still body of water will work. Even clouds in the sky can serve as messengers of fate. Scrying is not limited to viewable objects either. You can glean information and intuitive impressions from holding a large seashell to your ear or by listening to the wind.


Once you decide which tool you would like to use, the next step is to make your preparations. First find an area of your home where you can work quietly without any distractions. If you are out in nature scrying with clouds or wind, also be sure to find a secluded area that is quiet. Next for indoor methods, dim the light in the room so it will be easier for your eyes to focus on your tool and receive impressions.

Then set your intention. If you are seeking answers to a question or insights into the past or future, state your request either silently or aloud. Then you will fix your gaze on the tool. Sometimes it’s helpful to close your eyes slightly or focus your vision a few inches beyond the tool.

You can also adjust your position to view the tool from various angles. After a few minutes you may begin to see some images. You may even think your eyes are playing tricks on you. The most important thing is to just relax and let the images come to you. Be patient, do not force the process or have any expectations of the outcome. You will have more success that way. If nothing appears, don’t be discouraged. Take a break and try again later.

Auditory scrying with a seashell or the wind also requires the same focused environment as visual work. The only difference is you will be tuned into things you hear. Closing your eyes while listening often helps improve your attention. You may notice whispers, humming, music or words while doing this. Keep practicing.


If you decide to work with a mirror, there are some interesting tips and techniques you can try. One works well with a bathroom mirror that has fogged over from a shower. Focus your gaze and see if any images or symbols emerge. As the steam fades the pictures may change before they eventually fade. Another version of mirror scrying involves the use of a flashlight and a darkened room. Holding a flashlight under your chin, gaze at your face in the mirror and note the changes in your appearance. These facial changes can possibly be clues to your past lives.

Finally some seers like to use a black mirror. In ancient times a black mirror was often a polished piece of obsidian crystal. You can make an inexpensive black mirror by painting the reflective side of a regular mirror with several coats of black glossy paint. Then you can try the flashlight method or just use it in a dimly lit room. Experiment and see what happens!


As mentioned before, try to relax and be patient when scrying. Sometimes you will readily see images and other times not. You can always come back and try it later. Scrying is an exercise in patience and persistence. Most of all it can help you to develop and trust your intuition. Have fun with it!

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