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Are You A Natural Healer Gifted With A Blue-Green Aura?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Out of all the auras that define your personality, the blue-green aura is one of the least famous and the least discussed. It’s one of the rarer auras present and is often labelled as turquoise.

Turquoise is, in fact, a mixture of both blue and green auras, but giving it a single title just removes all the special qualities that come with the blue and the green auras independently. A single label brings with it a lot of ambiguity. So, we should call it blue-green and make it more clear.

So, what is so special about the blue-green aura?

The blue-green aura combines the supporting property of the blue and healing property of green. People with a blue-green aura are natural healers. When the green aura activates, they experience tremendous growth and change when it comes to their spiritual self and well-being.

Add to that the supportive blue, and you have a person who’s empathetic, understanding and supportive in all your endeavors. People with the blue-green aura may not give you any kind of guidance but they are the best people who can provide you with mental support.

This aura signifies an all-round healer who would help you experience spiritual growth and offer emotional healing.

The sensitive side of Blue-Greens

People with blue-green aura are also sensitive in nature. The green aura makes them more inclined to self-critique. This is an awesome quality for growth but it can equally lead to terrible self-harm. Sometimes this excessive criticism from inside can result in low self-esteem.

The blue aura makes them more socially aware and this can make them vulnerable to outside criticism. Inner criticism when coupled with failure can make them extremely sensitive and insecure about themselves.

When they face criticism from outside, these sensitive beings will quickly recede into a protective shell and become overly defensive. In a way, blue-greens are fantastic healers for others, but when it comes to their own self, they fail to heal and support themselves and turns out to be worse patients. 

Love and Friendship of Blue-Greens

When it comes to friendship, blue-greens can be amazing companions. They can become a part of your support system, and the combination of the supportive blue aura and the healing green makes them empathetic and extremely good listeners.

However, their sensitive side does not allow them to be very forward with their support. If you want them to listen to you, you have to go to them and ask for their shoulder to lean on. They will be glad to help you if you give them your time and value their advice.

Remember, blue-greens are prone to criticism, and if you criticize or ignore them, they will get defensive. Sometimes their low self-esteem may also make them jealous over little things. 

Overall, blue-green is one of those valuable and rarely found auras that will make fantastic friends who will stay with you through the good and especially the bad times. But with blue-greens you have to be very careful. Respect their boundaries, value their advice and value them as a person, and respect them without outright criticism. I

f you follow these, you will gain an amazing friend who you can cherish forever. It will, of course, be much better if blue-greens seek out companionship from people with a similar kind of aura so that they could be in a more comfortable relationship. Mostly, people who can be independent but choose not to will be best suitable for a compatible bond with blue-greens. 

People with blue-green aura can become an amazing source of optimism in your life. If you can gel with them and avoid nudging their sensitive points, these wonderful people can support you through your mental and spiritual growth.

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