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Are Curses Real And How To Protect Yourself From The Bad Energies?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

If you are wondering if it were possible for anyone to send negative energy your way, the sweet answer would be a yes. They can.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that this bad energy will definitely affect you. It is similar to the positive energy you send out to the Universe- it could be conscious or unintentional. No one really knows.

When you are thinking ill about someone, you are not only sending negative energy towards them, but you are also lowering your energy level. They also affect the environment and the planetary consciousness that we are all a part of.

You should realize that sending out negative energy to anyone will definitely have repercussions. As they say, what you put out comes back thrice over. So, try doling out more positive energy.

Yet, one should know that being at a lower level is the only way one could get affected by such bad energy. Otherwise, if your energy is pretty high, and sticks to being high, with you taking care, nothing will happen.

When you’re already low, there are opportunities for people to send out bad vibes to you. Not that it is going to be harmful to you still, it might make it difficult for you to search for positivity around.

Just walk out of your house in a bad mood someday. You will notice every bad vibe around and they would serve to hurt you all the more. The traffic, the rowdy drivers, the angry boss, the hot coffee, the stale food, everything would simply serve to put you on a crazy mood.

And we understand that. But, on the other hand, go out in a happy mood and see the changes that come by- you wouldn’t even notice anything. You will be operating on a higher frequency, which will prevent you from delving deep into the darkness.

The best ways to raise your vibrations would be meditating or being creative, or simply working out. Or, you could always call upon Archangel Michael for help. At the end of the day, it is you who would need to take care of your body and mind.

You could also go out and enjoy your time in the sun, and amidst nature. All these would serve to keep your mood on a high frequency while cutting off all negativity from within.

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