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9 Things Awakened Old Souls Do Differently Than Others

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Expanding the consciousness and making your soul fully awake is the most beautiful thing that could ever happen to anyone, especially if you are an Old Soul.

But, getting there is not as easy as it sounds. It takes time and requires you to have a huge amount of persistence, patience, and lots of faith.

Those who are able to appreciate the love and manifest anything into being have seen the hidden beauty life has to offer.

However, for an Old Soul is like looking back at a photograph from your childhood reminding yourself of a beautiful memory you’ve completely forgot about.

Old Souls intuitively know much of what people realize once they awaken. Most of them have acquired that wisdom and their unconscious mind already knows that higher knowledge.

That’s why, when an Old Soul awakens they do a couple of things differently than others.

These are the 9 things only an Awakened Old Soul can understand:

1. They believe in the concept of reincarnation.

Though many would contradict this concept, Awakened Old Souls are fully aware of this phenomenon. For them, it’s either you believe it, or you don’t. Either way it’s what it is! They go on with living their life and evolving their soul.

2. They believe in life after death.

Old Souls intuitively know that this realm of existence is just one of many! Awakened Old Souls know that behind the structure of reality powerful forces play, and one of them is Love.

3. They follow their life purpose.

Being here on this planet is not mere chance. Old Souls look for their purpose because they know that’s what flames up the fires in their soul. Awakened Old Souls have seen what their purpose is! They know that that’s the direction where their soul wants to evolve in this lifetime and they honor that above all.

4. They need constant reflection.

Reflection is essential to the Old Soul. Slipping from their visions and purpose may not be avoided, but consistent reflection steers them back in their right direction. Awakened Old Souls know exactly when they steer off from their path, they know when they need to take time to reflect and get back on track.

5. They feel authentic love.

Old Souls have already strong capacity to love. They love intensely and most often get hurt with the same intensity by people who just don’t get their depth. Awakened Old Souls, however, have the capability to love all beings and creatures unconditionally. They believe it is the highest and purest form of love. They are free of judgment and hatred and respect all forms of life.

6. They are responsible and accountable.

Old Souls are too connected with everything and sometimes can lose a sense of who they really are. Because Awakened Old Souls are fully aware of who they are, they take full responsibility for their beliefs but they stay true to their purpose. They are open for everything that enhances their growth, as well as open to redemption.

7. They have the power to manifest their desires.

Being open to receiving anything that serves them, Awakened Old Souls take manifestation earnestly. They’re aware of its power, yet remain not abusive of it. What’s important for them is nourishment of the soul and living out their purpose. They only manifest what they need and are not governed by greed or materialism. That’s something an Old Soul just doesn’t care that much as it is probably bored by material things through its many lifetimes, what’s the point when they don’t last? Just like an adult doesn’t care about toys as much as they used to when they were kids.

8. They feel the oneness and connectedness of all.

Old Souls believe we are all one and connected with each other, a part of the bigger and collective Universe, even if they are not consciously aware of that. Awakened Old Souls know that we already have everything we need inside of us. We only need to look within to see the beauty of light and love.

9. They are open for transformation.

Old Souls are natural healers. Awakened Old Souls effortlessly radiate love and light. They are fully aware that transformation has to take place to relinquish what no longer serves them. They know when they need to intervene and help others and when they need to let others help themselves.

Becoming awakened is the most liberating experience anyone can have. It gives you an aura that is warm and appealing.

Old Soul or not, strive to be free of hate. Immerse yourself in love everlasting. Evolve your soul in the direction that makes you happy!

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