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Psychic Self-Defense: How To Protect Yourself From Curse

by consciousreminder
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Have you been cursed? Voodoo? Someone put a spell on you?

How do you protect yourself from potential curses?

Learning to psychically defend yourself is part of becoming a spiritually strong being.

Do you believe in Curses?

Some do and most don’t.

It doesn’t matter. You can still be affected.

Since the Church no longer believes in curses and the scientific community laughs at hexes, nothing can be done.

The bulk of so-called “mental illnesses” are attributed to the work of witchcraft, especially if they hear “voices” in their head.

Psychologists contributed that most of lives are dictated by unconscious means.

Why should we be surprised if it turns out these unseen influences can enter our conscious mind from above and below?

Here are 3 ways to protect yourself from curses or any psychic harm.

1. Raise Your Vibration

Darkness cannot harm those whose vibration is in the Light.

That is why sorcerers hide in the dark corners of the night.

They smell fear, doubt, and weakness in a man’s hearts…like predators.

It is this low vibration within us that gives the power to dark forces from the outside.

Our aura is the protection from invisible influences (it is also what protects you from getting sick from negative emotions.)

When you have weaknesses by attuning to anger, jealousy, greed, selfishness, fear, etc. you eat up your aura protection field and so your shield is down.

That is when you are open to psychic attacks and all kinds of influences.

If you stand in the light, you cannot be harmed.

For the dark creatures fear the light. It blinds them with its purity.

Practice compassion. Live with honesty. Attune with all that is love, light, and wisdom.

Soon your aura is so bright that it bounces off the slightest negativity that goes your way.

That is why positive people rarely get sick and also why other’s negativity affects them little.

No curse nor spells can affect you without your permission.

2. Have a Strong Will

A curse is a battle of Will.

Let no one says otherwise.

When an alpha male walks into the tribe, he commands the room with the influence of his Will.

He takes what he wants without any shred of doubt.

The people are under his influence and bows down to the alpha male.

There is a pressure one feels in the presence of a person with strong Will that makes you subconsciously wish to be under his wings.

It is this Will that one employs in their dark tactics to invisibly influence a person against their Will.

But if your Will is stronger than that of the sorcerer, then you can break free of his influence.

One way to do that is to mentally reject their influence by saying “NO! I AM STRONGER, NOT YOU!”

If someone cast a spell on you, it means that the victim is already mentally weak and has weak Will.

So to protect yourself, develop a strong Will.

When I say Will what I mean is one’s self-control.

This means you must not have any addictions (drugs, games, sex, work, sleep, etc.)

If you give in to temptations, then that means you are not strong enough to restrain yourself.

By having a strong Will, you will have self-confidence and become less influenced by other people.

3. Stop the Associations

Most likely the average people are not cursed.

The only exception is that you hang with witches, wiccan, channelers, new agers, black magicians, and the “occult”.

To protect yourself from curses is really to have nothing to do with them!

We take the Law of Attraction and say that likes attract likes.

By practicing and experimenting on psychic or magick for selfish gains, you attract people who are like yourself.

It is worse if you perform blood sacrifice or channeling spirits.

Don’t associate with negative people and the things they practice and you should never have to feel that you’ve been cursed.

What to Do if I’ve Been Cursed?

You cannot do anything on your own. You are practically doomed.

Whatever the sorcerer wishes to do with you is at the fingertips of the sorcerer.

If you were meant to die, you will die.

If you were meant to perform an act, you will subconsciously do them.

And if you were meant to see a vision, you will see a vision.

That is, unless another stronger Will comes in to save your life.

If praying helps you to regain your Will, then do so by any means necessary.

Never give into the sorcerer’s Will and their dark influence.

Confronting the Sorcerer

If you knew the person who cast the spell on you, it will make the curse worse.

This is because recognition is permission.

By knowing the sorcerer, you increase the bond between you and the sorcerer.

Now the sorcerer can harm you more.

In ancient Egypt, the Hierophants – holders of sacred knowledge – would kill the sorcerer once they were discovered.

However, such an option is not in the best interest of our current society.

Thus, do not confront the sorcerer and stay of out his/her way.

It is best practice to be kind and compassionate to everyone you meet…in case you don’t piss off a sorcerer by mistake.

A curse does not last

Don’t you worry. A curse declines with each day.

Unless it is a death spell, it will usually fade with time.

And a death spell is very rare because no one has enough power to cause death nor feel the need to.

Just hope that the sorcerer forget all about you.

A spell lasts as long as the sorcerer still has some connection to you.

It becomes more connected if there is an emotional vengeance in mind.

If you are looking for shamans, psychics, and witches to help you, you should find one that knows what they are doing.

Because if they don’t, they can make it worse.

No Need to Worry

As long as you are not going around pissing people off, there is no need to worry whether you are cursed or not.

However, those who associate with witchcraft, new age, and spiritualism should be wary.

Be strong in vibration and in Will and you will be fine.

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1 comment

Abdulmalik Abiodun Ali May 24, 2017 - 8:35 pm

This is interesting as it reveals the need to be up top in vibrational energy. I have learnt that one of the ways to maintain a high vibrational energy is to physically exercise the body regularly. Since according to an experiment with dalsing, athletes generally experience a much more intense dalsing than non athletes. This makes me wonder if keeping fit + good character is in itself sufficient to elevate the subconscious against negative energies.


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